Advanced Accounting

Course Description

Advanced Accounting is designed to further facilitate the student's development of the skills
necessary for the highly technical interaction between accounting and business, to expand on the
steps of the accounting cycle as applied to several different kinds of business operations, and to
advance development on understanding accounting concepts, principles, and practices using modern
businesses to which students can relate.


Supply List

1” Three ring binder

Plentiful supply of loose leaf paper

            (5) Tab dividers

(1) Pocket folder

Blue or Black Pens only



Flash drive for storing information

Additional Information

This course is strongly encouraged for those students who have successfully passed Accounting I and possess the desire to pursue a career in Business.
Full Year Course
Prerequisite:  Principles of Business
Principles of Accounting and Finance
Course is required for Accounting and Finance Academy
Textbook:  Glencoe
Subpages (1): Assignments
Bridget Gillis-Cruise,
Sep 16, 2014, 12:11 PM