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Frederick Douglass High School
8000 Croom Road
Upper Marlboro, MD  20772

Phone: 301-952-2400
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Frederick Douglass High School is an inviting and caring learning community dedicated to excellence.  Our focus is to engage all students in a challenging, diverse, and safe educational journey.  Our staff is committed to helping students become respectful, productive citizens who are fluent in technology and are active participants in their learning now and in the future.


Frederick Douglass High School, an IB MYP candidate school, empowers our students to become effective communicators, globally-minded problem-solvers, and life-long learners who realize their potential and become ethical, service-oriented citizens.


The staff of Frederick Douglass High School believes that each student can learn and develop as a productive member of our society, regardless of their intellectual, cultural, and socio-economic differences.  We believe that a safe environment, coupled with mutual respect among all members of the Frederick Douglass Community, will create an atmosphere conducive to learning.  We also believe that consistent, regular attendance will enable student the opportunity to succeed.

The History of Frederick Douglass High School

            Our school is named after the famous abolitionist, journalist, and orator, Frederick Douglass.  Born a slave, he obtained his freedom and became one of the preeminent leaders of the time.

            Frederick Douglass High School (FDHS) was the first high school for African-Americans in Prince George’s County.  In 1922, Mr. Doswell E. Brooks, Supervisor of schools for African-American students, along with many community leaders, planned and raised money to build a high school.  Mr. Sheldon Sasscer of Upper Marlboro offered the land for this structure.  In September 1923, Marlboro High School opened its doors to African-American students of Prince George’s County.  The school consisted of four classrooms where grades 8-11 were taught.  This school was a joy for students who had previously traveled to Washington or Baltimore for their high school education.

            A new Marlboro High School was built in 1934 and was renamed Frederick Douglass High School in 1935.  The present Frederick Douglass High School was opened in 1959.  The present FDHS represents the pinnacle of the work and dedication of the parents, students, and teachers that preceded us.  Honor the FDHS “Tradition of Pride.”