Northwestern VPA

The application window is CLOSED
for Northwestern VPA and Suitland CVPA.

Application Deadline: FEBRUARY 1, 2018

You MUST check School Finder to find your correct CPA school. 
Applications sent to the wrong school may not be corrected due to the large number of applications.
It is the applicant's responsibility to locate the appropriate boundary school.

The Jim Henson Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts is a rigorous four-year arts program that offers artistically talented high school students from Prince George’s County educational opportunities designed to prepare them artistically for college, professional study, or career options in the arts. Who can apply:

  • This program is ONLY available to students who would matriculate to Northwestern High School (in-boundary) or are current VPA students at Hyattsville Middle School.
    • Feeder schools include:
      • Greenbelt Middle (select students in Northwestern HS boundary)
      • Nicholas Orem Middle (select students in Northwestern HS Boundary)
      • Hyattsville Middle (any CPA student and those in Northwestern HS Boundary)
  • Click HERE to access the School Finder Tool to check eligibility for the Northwestern High School program. 
  • If you do not meet Northwestern's boundary criteria, you may apply for the Suitland CVPA program. The Suitland program is available to all students countywide.
  • Northwestern boundary students MAY choose to apply for Suitland CVPA, but MAY NOT APPLY FOR BOTH
  • For questions, please contact the program coordinator.
CHOOSE ONE or TWO of the disciplines from the list below in which you would like to major and audition.
READ the audition procedures and expectations listed below for your chosen audition area.
PLEASE come to the audition prepared to do exactly what is expected.
GATHER information needed for your application form, including your PGCPS Student Number.
  • The student number is a 9 digit number starting with 000 or 100 and is listed on their PGCPS report card.  
  • Parents and/or legal guardians may obtain a student ID number by going to their neighborhood/boundary school with a valid proof of ID, proof of residence (deed or current lease) and birth certificate.
  • Private school and home-schooled students must acquire a PGCPS student number from their boundary school to complete this application.
PRE-WRITE your 400 word Personal Essay so you can upload it into the online form.

your Resume.  Include performance experience and work experience, as applicable.

OPTION A (preferred):  Parent/Guardian COMPLETE and SUBMIT the online application form.

OPTION B:  Download, save and print the NORTHWESTERN VPA APPLICATION PACKET (also attached at the bottom of this web page), complete and send to the address on the form, along with sealed copies of two completed recommendation forms, your resume and a copy of your transcript.

Northwestern VPA Program, Northwestern High School, 7000 Adelphi Road, Hyattsville, MD  20782 or FAX: 301-985-1833 

For translated version click HERE

Two recommendations are required:
One recommendation must be from the current Creative Arts teacher, public or private.
One recommendation must be from current classroom/homeroom teacher.

OPTION A:  Send this link to the teachers completing the recommendation forms:  
Your PGCPS Student ID number is REQUIRED for this form, so don't forget to send it to the teachers writing your recommendations.

OPTION B:  Download, save and print the PRINTABLE NORTHWESTERN VPA RECOMMENDATION FORM (also attached at the bottom of this web page), and ask your teacher to complete it and return to you in a sealed envelope. Send the completed and sealed recommendation forms, along with your resume and report card to:  Northwestern VPA Program, Northwestern High School, 7000 Adelphi Road, Hyattsville, MD  20782 or FAX: 301-985-1833

SEND in a CURRENT SCHOOL REPORT CARD (along with your resume and recommendation forms) denoting the program's minimum required 2.0+ GPA for each quarter with no failing grades.  April registration CANNOT take place without having maintained the minimum 2.0 GPA. 
Address:  Northwestern VPA Program, Northwestern High School,  7000 Adelphi Road, Hyattsville, MD  20782 or FAX: 301-985-1833 or FAX: 301-985-1833

Questions about the audition requirements should be directed to the content supervisor:

Judith Hawkins – Vocal and General Music –

Temisha K. Richardson Dance

Dr. Patricia Payne – Theatre Arts –

Barbara Liedahl TV/Media Production

Lisa Stuart-Whitehead – Visual Arts –

Lionel Harrell – Instrumental Music –

Questions about Northwestern's school program please contact the program coordinator:

Leona Lowery Fitzhugh – Northwestern –

Questions about the electronic application and this website please contact:
Barbara Liedahl – Creative Arts Programs –
Barbara Liedahl,
Dec 12, 2017, 7:31 AM