ADP has Summer Internship Opportunities Available

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ADP has Summer Internship Opportunities Available

As an ADP summer intern, you will be placed into a busy and challenging corporate environment with assignments that have visibility and importance to ADP management. You will be expected to quickly adjust to that environment and become a productive contributing ADP associate.

Additionally, you will be assigned a minimum of one mentor who will provide coaching and guidance throughout the 10-week internship. Other mentors may be assigned to you depending on what projects you are given.

You may be expected to produce presentations and/or reports using standard Microsoft Office software and other tools in order to complete project tasks.

Weekly reports and/or updates may be required, as well as attendance and participation in face-to-face business meetings, video conferences and conference calls.

Minimum of two years completed within a four-year degree program GPA of 3.0 or higher Preferred areas of concentration include, Finance & Accounting, I/T & MIS, General Business and Marketing. Other disciplines may be considered.

To review available opportunities please visit our website: http://www.adp.com/careers/uscareers.aspx. Keyword search: "Summer".

The Young Women's Project Research and Employment Opportunities

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First, we are recruiting foster youth to participate in a 30 min phone interview about their educational experience while in the foster care system. The information collected will be presented to city council and CFSA leaders in efforts to impact policy. Students names will not be used. Participants will receive a $10 gift card for their responses.


Secondly, we are hiring for our summer staff. Youth staff work after school from 4-7pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (6 hours a week) with an occasional Saturday during the school year. During the summer youth must sign-up with the Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) and work 4 days a week with a maximum of 30 hours a week. WAGES: $8.25-$10.00 an hour WORK RESPONSIBILITIES: Youth staff members will take on a range of responsibilities included conducting training, recruit and develop members, materials and research, youth advocacy/system change, training and support. If you know any youth that are eligible and interested please pass along my contact information. I have also attached additional information.





Amani Coker-Warren

CoordinatorFoster Care Campaign


High School GIS Summer Internship

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I am writing to inform you of a free summer internship program offered by the National Center for Smart Growth and The University of Maryland Urban Studies and Planning Program.  This six week internship will teach high school students how to conduct a community audit as well as how to implement Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to analyze the data collected from the audit.  At the end of the internship, students will present their findings to the local community.

I have attached a flyer about the program.  Please forward to students who may be interested as well as teachers who are able to refer students.  Let me know if there are any further questions.

Thank you,
Chelsie Miller

AdCamp Flyer - Application Due 4-8-14

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My name is Barry Abrams and I’m a “concerned citizen” and resident of Prince George’s County.  I volunteer and look for ways to improve the quality of life of residents in Prince George’s County. One of the ways of improving the quality of life in the County is partnering students and independent locally-owned small businesses by way of AdCamp.
AdCamp, sponsored by the American Advertising Federation, provides a week-long camp at Howard University for junior and senior high school students with a 3.0 or higher GPA that are interested or open to learn about the advertising industry. The AdCamp Director, Melissa Wong and Kai Jones have expressed a strong interest in recruiting students from Prince George’s County and building relationships with local advertising agencies. The summer camp incorporates field trips to visit clients, media companies, and advertising agencies. It also gives students a chance to meet new people, work collaboratively, meet advertising executives, and use the skills learned during the camp to create an advertising campaign for a fictitious or real business.
Given that I see very few Prince George’s County independent locally-owned small businesses advertise on platforms such as TV, radio, print, or the Internet, I would like to see the students from the County use their creativity to produce a media campaign for one of these businesses.  The experience is a win-win for all involved. It provides hands-on experience that students will be able to put on their resume as well as college application. It exposes students to the needs of independent locally-owned small businesses in their community and how they can use the skills learned to generate revenue or income.
This experience will expose independent locally-owned small business owners to skills students possess and their technical value. If all goes well with the 2014 AdCamp partnership, independent locally-owned small business owners will begin to look at students as a trusted resource to grow their business and think outside the box. Hopefully, they will begin to seek out the expertise of motivated students for advertising and marketing as well as other core components of their business.
In closing, the deadline for applying for the Summer 2014 AdCamp is Tuesday April 8, 2014.
Please have the students apply for the Summer 2014 AdCamp online at: http://www.aaf.org/default.asp?id=1190
Barry Abrams
Blog Name: Prince George's County Volunteer Tech Nation
Blog Address: http://www.princegeorgescountyvtn.com/
Twitter: @princegeorges1
301-780-9077 ( O ) 
301-325-5144 ( C )

Summer Employment Opportunity with AquaSafe Pool Management

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UMD Cybersecurity Camp Applications Available for High School Students

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1.       Intermediate CyberSTEM Camp: For Girls Entering Grades 9-10 in Fall 2014
Dates: July 14-18, 2014
This 5 day experience provides hands-on activities focused on STEM and cybersecurity topics. Attendees will learn and apply basic concepts of programming, computer forensics, cryptography, steganography, system vulnerabilities and program management from a series of gaming, modeling, simulation activities and hands-on exercises, which explore the interconnections of science, math, technology, and computers. Participants did NOT need to attend our CyberSTEM middle school camp in order to be eligible. This camp covers similar content areas as CyberSTEM camp for 7th and 8th graders, and allows for a deeper and more in-depth exploration of the subject matter.


Find more information & online application here: http://cyber.umd.edu/education/intermediate-cyber-stem


2.       Cyber Defense Training Camp: For Female and Male Students Entering Grades 11-12 in Fall 2014
Dates: July 6-12, 2014

Cyber Defense Training Camp is an intermediate level (some technical experience is required)  7 day residential summerprogram for high school men and women (students currently in grades 10-11). Students will  have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of cybersecurity and gain practical skills through instruction by an experienced security professional, while living on the UMD campus. Students learn about the field, take at least one field trip and hear from a variety of speakers to learn more about how to prepare to enter this exciting profession.


Find more information & online application here: http://cyber.umd.edu/education/cyber-defense


Best Regards,


Cristin Caparotta

Graduate Assistant for Education
Maryland Cybersecurity Center (MC2)
3400 A.V. Williams Building


U.S. Army's Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program

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The Army Educational Outreach Program (AEOP) would like to provide you with information about summer internshipopportunities in your community! Students interested in the sciences are eligible to apply to participate in the U.S. Army's Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program (SEAP) at the Army Lab located in your community.

The U.S. Army's SEAP Program is an eight-week summer program for high school students, in which students learn about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields at Army research facilities. The program requires all prospective students to complete an application online, and only those who are selected to participate can attend. Once selected, all SEAP students will receive a $2,000 stipend to participate in the 8-week program.

If you're interested in SEAP, please go to our website by clicking on the following link to our website athttp://www.usaeop.com/programs/SEAP/ for additional details. Feel free to contact us if you would like any promotional materials, including social media cards, brochures, and program info cards. The American Society for Engineering Education will forward these to your school at no cost to you! Additionally, please feel free to share to this information with the parents and the students from your school and community.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

Best Regards,
The Army SEAP Team
American Society for Engineering Education

African-American Internships

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#1 - The NBA Internship Program offers college students an exciting opportunity to use their skills and classroom learning within a national sports environment.
Learn more at www.findinternships.com/2013/10/nba-internship-program.html<http://go.netatlantic.com/t/27058566/69868990/327356/72/>
#2 - The NASCAR Diversity Internship Program is a 10-week, full-time, paid summer work opportunity for deserving students with an interest in the NASCAR industry.
Learn more at www.findinternships.com/2013/03/nascar-diversity-internship-program.htm<http://go.netatlantic.com/t/27058566/69868990/327357/73/>l
3 - Black Enterprise Internships are designed to provide real-life work experiences for college students interested in a career in the media industry.
Learn more at www.findinternships.com/2013/10/black-enterprise-internships.html<http://go.netatlantic.com/t/27058566/69868990/325808/74/>
#4 - The NCAA Ethnic Minority and Women's Internship offers an opportunity for a minority, female college student to be chosen for a unique two-year internship program.
Learn more at www.findinternships.com/2013/10/ncaa-ethnic-minority-and-womens.html<http://go.netatlantic.com/t/27058566/69868990/326665/75/>
#5 - The Minority Access Internship Program offers spring, summer and fall internships for college sophomores, juniors, seniors, graduates and professionals.
Learn more at www.findinternships.com/2013/05/minority-access-internship-program.html<http://go.netatlantic.com/t/27058566/69868990/327358/76/>
#6 - Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Internships are available for college students pursuing undergraduate associates or bachelor’s degrees.
Learn more at www.findinternships.com/2013/09/congressional-black-caucus-foundation.html<http://go.netatlantic.com/t/27058566/69868990/322402/77/>
#7 - Essence Communications Internship Program is open to undergraduate, graduate students, or recent college graduates interested in a career in the media industry. Applicants must have a strong interest in issues pertaining to African American women.
Learn more at www.findinternships.com/2013/10/essence-communications-internship.html<http://go.netatlantic.com/t/27058566/69868990/325799/78/>
#8 - BET Networks Internships provides paid internships for both undergraduate and graduate college students at five different locations.
Learn more at www.findinternships.com/2013/09/bet-networks-internships.html<http://go.netatlantic.com/t/27058566/69868990/327359/79/>
#9 - The UNCF/NAACP Gateway to Leadership Internship Program is a 10-week paid summer internship for undergraduate students attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).
Learn more at www.findinternships.com/2013/04/uncf-naacp-gateway-to-leadership-internship-program.html<http://go.netatlantic.com/t/27058566/69868990/327360/80/>
#10 - The White House Initiative's Year-round Internship Program offers an exciting experience for undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in improving education outcomes for African Americans.
Learn more at www.findinternships.com/2013/04/white-house-initiative-year-round-internship-program.html<http://go.netatlantic.com/t/27058566/69868990/308489/81/>

Goddard Research

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