AP and Summit Summer Work

Listing of Honors and AP Summer Assignments
All work must be completed and brought in the first day of class.

 ART  AP 2-D Portfolio
 AP Drawing
 ENGLISH  English 9 Summit Work  

 English 10 Summit Work Instructions
Reading List
Dialectical Journal Rubric
Dialectical Journal Sample Entries
   AP Language & Composition  Sample
   AP English Literature   
 WORLD LANG  AP French Summer Packet
 AP Spanish Summer Packet
AP Spanish Summer Work
AP Spanish Practice AP Exam
AP Spanish Audio Files
AP Spanish Gramatica
AP Spanish Temas Vocab Practice

 MATH Summit Algebra 1 
  Summit Algebra 2
  Summit Geometry 
  Summit Trig/ProbStats 
  Summit Pre-Calculus 
   AP Calculus BC  PacketOn PGCPS County Website
   AP Calculus AB AP Calc AB Instructions
Assignment 1
Assignment 2
Assignment 3
   AP Statistics Students should log into their PGCPS Gmail to access Google Classroom then Join my class using this 
Class Code: k1ngsc

There, you will find the Summer Assignment.
 MUSIC  AP Music Theory Packet  Class Website
 SCIENCE  Summit Science Summer Work - Biology  Click HERE to access files.
   AP Biology  
   AP Physics  
  AP Environmental Science 
  AP Chemistry 
  CCRD - Science Practicum 
 SOCIAL STUDIES  Summit Social Studies Summer Work  Coming Soon
   AP Comparative Govt. (Seniors) View and Do the Items Below
Democratization Briefing Paper
Democratization Briefing Assignment

   AP U.S. Government (Sophomores) View and Do the Items Below 
Constitution Worksheet
Big Ideas Worksheet
US Constitution
Hobbes, Locke and Montesquieu on Govt.

   AP European History  
   AP Human Geography  
   AP Psychology  
   AP Micro Economics  
   AP US History  Google Classroom Code: iz3xag
   AP World History  
   AP Art History