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  • Summer 2014
    Hello Accokeek Academy Families and Friends:

    It is time for family and friends and relaxation.  However, please know that research shows that children can lose up to 50% of the knowledge gained during the school year.  You must make every effort to prevent this knowledge loss.  One way is to follow the Accokeek Academy Reading Plan found on our website:  www1.pgcps.org/accokeek  Students will be given credit upon their return from summer break.  Additionally, the County has prepared some wonderful Summer Packets in all subject areas.  Student Summer Packet give weekly assignments can do.  Please make every effort for students to work on the site on a weekly basis.

    We will continue to be an AVID school.  With that in mind, we will continue the organizational system of AVID requiring a binder color-coded system.  We have specific School Supply Kits prepackaged for each grade level along with a heavy duty binder and the required Agenda Book.  All are offered for sale on the website.  The School Supply Kits are $30 each; the binder is $5 each compared to $19 at Staples; and the Agenda Book is $5.  Please order on our website in advance to ensure the correct number are ordered.

    We are excited about the upcoming school year.  We look forward to a year of learning and working with our Accokeek community to continue our mission as we Soar to Excellence...THE ACCOKEEK WAY!

    Educationally yours,

    Judy N. Adams
    Posted Jul 1, 2014, 4:47 PM by Judy Adams
  • April Post
    Hello Accokeek Academy Family and Friends,

    This school year is coming to a rapid close as we enter the 4th quarter.  Our staff and students have worked very hard demonstrating our core values of respect, effort, efficacy and excellence.  Demonstration of these values are evidenced by the following successes:
    • Accokeek Academy won too many categories to name in this year's History Day County competition.  We have eleven students now going on to the state competition to be held at the University of Maryland this month.  We were very well represented and the hard work and insistence to follow national guidelines demonstrated the value of such a rigorous project.  Thank you Ms. Huff for your commitment and vision for this project along with all the staff members that assisted, judged, worked with students individually, and supported this school wide effort.
    • The Accokeek Academy Band under the direction of Ms. Whitfield, earned Superior ratings in all categories and will compete in the state competition.
    • The Accokeek Academy Middle School Chorus received Excellent ratings at the County competition.
    • The first year of the Accokeek Academy Elementary Boys and Girls Basketball teams met with great success under Coach McIntyre and Assistant Ohlson for the boys and Coach Brown and Assistant (Parent) Caldwell.  The Boys team won the elementary Championship.  The Girls made it to the playoffs.  Coach McIntyre was named Coach of the Year by the League!
    • Our first year with a Cheerleading Squad, led by Coach Sarris, took 4th place during the County competition.
    • Our Dance Team competed this weekend in the DC Area Competition and placed 2nd!
    Congratulations one and all!

    We have just completed the PARCC pilot assessments and will begin MSA Science testing in grades 5th and 8th.  Both of these assessments are online and is the first time many of our students have tested online.  Thus far, students are calm and focused.  Testing this year with the County wide shift to Common Core, now called College and Career Readiness Standards by the state of Maryland has been intense.  Ms. Stewart our Testing Coordinator has done a fabulous job of scheduling, planning, returning books, providing the data, and assisting teachers and students along the way.  Thank you Ms. Stewart.

    The PTSA has really made every effort this school year to become our partner in the best interest of our students.  We successfully provided a forum on Social Media that was well attended last month.  The upcoming meeting will display our History Day projects for all to see the work our students have accomplished.  This General Body Meeting will be Thursday April 10th at 7pm.  Additionally, the session will feature discussions on the financial literacy of our students.  It is also that time of year when candidates are needed to serve on the PTSA Board.  I invite you to contact the PTSA to express your interest to serve.

    The first week of May is Teachers' Appreciation Week.  The PTSA and I ask you to make a small donation to your child's homeroom teacher with a card of appreciation.  The donation can be $3 for coffee and up to $20 to show our appreciation for the work they do everyday.  We often overlook the monetary investment teachers make in their classes every year - from the purchase of pencils to candy to special certificates.  Let's all show our appreciation in some small way.

    Finally, Spring Break is April 14 - 21.  Please enjoy this time with your students.  As a reminder continue to read with your children during the break and practice Math facts if they have not been mastered.  We know that a student leaving Accokeek for high school, must read with a Lexile level of 1200 to ensure success and be eligible for AP courses.  To ensure that your students will be reading at this level, they must read everyday and move to higher level text along the way.  This is the practice required for students to be successful with the College and Career Curriculum.  Their ability to close read a text, analyze the text, and ask critical questions of the text are all skills that improved their comprehension level.  Improving one's reading level comes from practice.  Let's instill a joy of reading into every student!

    I would also like to thank the number of volunteers that has assisted with answering the phones, testing, bagging snacks, organizing papers in the classroom, bringing your child to practice or after school sessions, and other ways to numerous to list here.  Together Everyone Achieves More.....THE ACCOKEEK WAY!

    Judy N. Adams
    Posted Mar 30, 2014, 12:41 PM by Judy Adams
  • February Post

    Dear Accokeek Academy Families:

    Grades 5-8 have successfully settled into our new building and our temporary buildings to give contractors the next 14 months to renovate the middle school.  In August 2015, we will move back into the renovated middle school and our elementary students in Pre K – 4th grades will move into the new elementary building.  So as we enter this phase, we again ask you for your patience and cooperation as we continue our construction of our 21st century school.

    A priority is to provide more opportunity for students to be engaged with technology.  As we move in this direction, notebooks, such as, Chrome Books, require students to have Gmail accounts.  This requires the permission of parents and guardians for students to be assigned these accounts.  Attached you will find the permission forms.  Your immediate attention to this request is greatly appreciated.  As these devices are required as we enter online testing and online academic programs, your permission is requested.  Please review the information provided.

    One of our major changes is that we are located both inside the new building and outside in temporaries.  There are not lockers for students.  As a result, we encourage students to have rolling book bags to relieve the weight of books carried by our students.

    Another change is the improved parking facilities.  We ask that you adopt the following changes:

    1.  Buses take priority during arrival of students in the morning.  We ask that if you drive your child to school, please follow the buses and wait behind them when unloading.  While everyone is in a hurry in the morning, it is unsafe to unload anywhere but against the curb and passing the buses also poses a safety problem.  Please consider having your child to ride the bus if this is an inconvenience for your schedule.

    2.  Dismissal of car riders has changed.  Since the elementary school (old Ferguson) dismisses earlier than the middle school, we ask that all cars enter through the elementary building entrance.  Come down into the parking lot by following the arrows and picking up your students at the curb.  Students will be called by name from the Media Center upon your arrival.

    I would also like to ask for your assistance in reminding students that it is our responsibility to maintain our new building and eventually our new campus.  Our stewardship of this building is the best way to thank the state of Maryland, Prince George’s County, and Prince George’s County Public Schools for their multi-million dollar contributions to our new building.  Let’s treat it as our “home away from home.”

    Please join me on Wednesday February 4th for our Second Cup of Coffee discussion and brief tour of the new building.  We will meet in the Media Center. 

    As always, please feel free to contact me or any other administrator if you have any questions.  Thank you for your cooperation and continued support.

    Educationally yours,


    Judy N. Adams


    Posted Feb 1, 2014, 5:00 PM by Judy Adams
  • December Post
    Hello Accokeek Academy Family and Friends,

    We thank you for your support as we enter the holiday season.  We have had many successes and challenges since the beginning of the school year.  

    It is with great sadness that I announce the death of one of our second grade students, Tyli Higgs.  He died in a car accident over the Thanksgiving weekend.  We will celebrate his life on Tuesday December 10th at 10am National Church of God in Fort Washington.  Our continued prayers are extended to Tyli's family and to Ms. Cruz, Tyli's teacher, and her students.  We have provided a crisis intervention team to students and teachers in need of support.

    The new elementary building is nearing completion.  We will begin slowly moving into the building and preparing for our first class day on January 21st.  The middle school students in grades 5-8 will move into the new building and the temporary buildings in the back of the building.  We will have 2 Lodges with one housing 6 rooms and the other 10 rooms.  There will also be 12 villas for classrooms, as well.  During the next 15 months, the middle school building will be completely renovated.  In August 2015, grades Pre K - 4 will move into the new building and 5-8 will move into the renovated middle school.  Both buildings will be connected by a corridor.  

    In preparation for the January move, we ask you to consider purchasing rolling book bags for your students in that we will not have lockers.  Rolling bags will make it easier to move from building to building.  Students dressing appropriate for the weather will become even more imperative.  We are currently looking at other alternatives for textbooks, as well.

    Academically and over the holidays, middle school students should be completing their History Day Project and their STEM Fair Project.  Please continue to use this time wisely to complete these rigorous projects.

    Additionally, we have been using the Common Core Curriculum.  Many things are changing as students are asked more about learning strategies to solve problems in Math and Reading.  Homework assignments are becoming more authentic problem solving versus rote practice.  Many teachers are using websites and other technology to given students more opportunity for practice and even visiting websites that provide videos for students to hear alternative explanations.

    I am pleased to announce that our fundraiser was a huge success!  I thank each of you for making us a stronger community.  These funds will be used for our student needs.  Thank you for your support!

    Finally, I end this post by wishing each of you a Happy, Prosperous and Safe Holiday Season!
    Posted Dec 10, 2013, 2:35 PM by Judy Adams
  • October's Blog
    Hello Accokeek Family and Friends,
    It is hard to believe but we have entered October of the 2013-2014 school year.  You have already begun contributing in such a positive way to assist all of us in reaching our vision:  We will become a student-centered professional learning community with a culture of continuous improvement and respect, effort, efficacy, and excellence abound.  Allow me to share just a few:
    • We have two regular volunteers in the office to assist with phones and greeting students and visitors.  All volunteers are welcome in the office and in your child's classroom.
    • The Principal's Lunch Account continues to receive donations to help our families that are struggling financially.  The account allows children to eat a hot lunch.  However, the need is great and all contributions are welcome.
    • We have partnered with the PTSA to present two trips for our students during Spring Break and at the end of the school.  Please see our website for additional information.
    • The attendance to Back-to-School Nights were excellence.  This outpouring of support demonstrates our school-home partnership.
    • We began this past week with our Second Cup of Coffee, an opportunity for parents and I to discuss the school's progress, our challenges and how collectively we can improve our school from a good one to a great school.
    • The Middle School Athletics program has resumed this year led by Ms. McMillan.  We currently are in Cross Country with a team of 20 students.  Shortly, we will begin Cheerleading, led by Ms. Sarris.  Also, Basketball returns for girls and boys in grades 6-8.  Information is forthcoming.  The boys' team will be led by Mr. Smith and Mr. Branch.  The girls' team will be led by Ms. Wooden and Ms. Brown-Lee.
    • We have already begun a Girls' Basketball Club led by Ms. Brown-Lee.
    • Tutoring conducted by teachers has also started.  These tutoring sessions are being offered by teachers seeing a need for their students.  The teachers are not being compensated additionally for their time.  I appreciate their dedication to our students.
    • Our school wide AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is in its second year.  AVID is designed to provide a systemic approach as a school to student organization, study skills and teaching strategies.  With the introduction this year of the Common Core State Standards nationwide, AVID principles and expectations of the new standards make a marriage that is exceptional for student achievement.
    As we enter October there are a few items to bring to your attention.  On October 14th, the PTSA will host Men Make a Difference Day.  All men with a significant influence in the student's life are asked to attend.  Spend the day with your child in their daily routine.  Research supports that when men play an active role in their children's education, students are much more successful.  The general meeting of the PTSA will be Thursday October 10th at 7pm.  Please join the PTSA and assist in their activities for the year.
    Individual picture day is Friday October 11th.  Please plan for your student to take an individual photo to remember this year of their school life.  We are currently in the midst of Hispanic Heritage Month.  On Friday, our Spanish teachers:  Ms. Vargas and Ms. Sjulin, are hosting a Latino Dance.  All 6-8th graders are invited.
    As we prepare our students for high school, we will have an 8th grade parent night at 6pm on October 8th.  Most of the high schools have been invited to attend.  Additionally, we are only one of two middle schools offereing the PSAT to our 8th grade students. The test will be given on Wednesday October 16th.  We will also have all AVID 8th graders taking the Redistep assessment offered to provide additional information on their academic strengths and weaknesses as they prepare for high school.
    We are moving closer to completiion of the new school building.  In preparation for that move, we have formed a Green Team to begin the thinking necessary to become a Green School.  As we have for the past 2 years, we will have a Clean-up Day on October 19th.  All are invited to participate.   There will also be more information to come on the construction once it is finalized.  We thank you for your patience during this process.
    Please continue to encourage your children to remain organized and complete homework nightly.  All students through 8th grade need your involvement to make them as successful as possible.  We appreciate your committment because it is true that it takes a village to raise a child.
    Educationally yours,
    Judy N. Adams
    Posted Oct 6, 2013, 10:29 AM by Judy Adams
  • Welcome to the 2013-2014 School Year

    Greetings Accokeek Academy Family!


    We are very excited about the upcoming school year!  Our Administrative Team is ready to provide the leadership necessary to move us towards our vision of becoming a child-centered professional learning community with a culture of continuous improvement where respect, effort, efficacy and excellence abound.  Joining us as our new Resident Principal this school year is Ms. Veda McCoy.  Ms. McCoy is an experienced educator and is now training with New Leaders for New School.  Our Assistant Principals:  Mr. Donald King and Dr. Trevine Jelks remain with Accokeek Academy as dynamic role models of success.  Also joining us this year is Mr. Frank Collins, an experienced administrator, with significant knowledge to offer our community.  We have new and returning members of our staff as we welcome our students to the new school year. We believe that the plans for this school year will create engagement for our students to become successful students attaining critical thinking and organizational skills. 


    We know that we will build upon our successes of last school year.  Those successes included: making Annual Measurable Objectives in all categories and for the entire school except in Special Education; reducing suspensions by 20% from the previous year; both the school band and chorus being recognized for Countywide at the Distinguished Level of performance; partnering with Root Cause to continue the exciting hands on STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) opportunities for our students; and our Talented and Gifted program being recognized by the state with the Excellence in Gifted Education Award (EGATE), a prestigious certification only awarded to nine schools in the state last year.


                    Parents please know that our quest to provide your children with a rigorous and relevant instructional program is paramount to us.  We will be delivering the Common Core curriculum to our students this year.  This curriculum will require students to problem solve and think critically.  You hear more about this challenging yet rewarding curriculum moving forward.  Parents play a key role in the academic success of our students; therefore, school/parent communication is crucial.  We appreciate all of your support as we continue to push our students to excel at greater heights.


    • Make your child’s attendance and prompt arrival to school a priority at our new time - INSTRUCTION BEGINS PROMPTLY AT 9:15 AM DAILY.  Students cannot arrive at school before 8:45AM.  Teacher duty day does not begin until then and we do not wish any student to be unsupervised.
    • Expect homework and projects on a regular basis.
    • Plan to sign the Agenda Book on a daily basis.
    • Ensure that your student is following the AVID Binder organization plan by reviewing the binder and the backpack frequently.
    • Review the Parent Portal in Schoolmax periodically for graded work, missing assignments and attendance. 
    • Make contact with your child’s teacher.
    • Visit our school website frequently at: www1.pgcps.org/Accokeek
    • And most importantly, allot time for reading and practicing math facts with your children on a nightly basis.
    • Join the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA).


    Know that my staff and I will walk in the door everyday prepared to meet the ultimate goal of educating your children.  Please send your children to us well behaved, on-time, equipped with the proper materials and encouraged.  We, in turn, will send them home to you prepared to meet the demands of the future.  Your presence is not only welcomed, it is needed!  

    My staff and I look forward to working with each and every one of you!  Let’s work together to make this an awesome school year!  



    Judy N. Adams, Principal

    Posted Aug 23, 2013, 5:43 AM by Judy Adams
  • Summer Message

    Dear Accokeek Academy Parents, Guardians, and Students:

    We hope that you are enjoying your summer with family and friends. I am humbled and honored to have served this community for the past two years and am anxiously preparing for the beginning of the new school year. We have collectively engaged in activities and changes that have brought us closer to our vision to become a child-centered professional learning community with a culture of continuous improvement where respect, effort, efficacy and excellence abound. As we embark upon this new year we wanted to keep you informed.  Our high expectations for the success for all students have prompted this summer’s communication.  Research reveals that during the summer, students can lose up to 50% of their content knowledge and even more of their reading comprehension efficiency rate.  Mitigating this summer loss can be achieved with your assistance.  Enclosed you will find our Summer Reading Plan for rising 5th-8th graders that we hope you will incorporate into your summer plans.  Elementary students are reminded to continue working on your Summer Packets and to read the attached letter from your Reading teachers.  Students will receive credit for returning it at the beginning of the school year.

    We have also included in this mailing some important items that we wanted to get into your hands early in the summer and it will enable you to plan accordingly:

    • Please pardon our progress during the continuation of construction.  There will be changes to parking and the location of middle school classrooms this school year.
    • Summer Office Hours:  9:00 am – 5:30 pm in the Upper Campus only (Middle School Building)
    • New School Hours:          Grades K – 5   9:15 am - 3:25 pm                  Grades 6 – 8     9:15 am – 3:55 pm
    • The Uniform Policy for Grades 6-8 is included.  New 6th graders will have heather gray as their shirt color.
    • School supplies required by grade are also attached.  We will have school supply kits available for purchase at our Back to School Fair.  Due to budget concerns, we will have Agenda Books available for purchase for $5 each.  Agenda Books remain mandatory. Also, we have arranged to have available for purchase heavy-duty binders, which last the entire year from Staples.  They will be offered at a substantially reduced cost to continue our AVID Binder system.
    • Join PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association) and suggest your ideas to your PTSA.  We are delighted to welcome

    Mr. Tommie Makila as the new PTSA President for the school year.

    • Bus schedules will be mailed directly to your home in August from the Transportation Office.
    • We are excited planning trips for June 2014 with information included to encourage participation.


    Please mark your calendar:

    o   Thursday, August 15, 2011 5:30pm – 6:30pm                             Back to School Fair

    • Monday, August 19, 2013                                                                 First Day of School
    • Tuesday, September 17, 2013 6:00pm – 8:00pm                        Back to School Night (5th – 8th)  Upper Campus
    • Thursday, September 19, 2013 6:00pm – 8:00pm                       Back to School Night (PreK – 4th)  Lower Campus


    Please visit our school website www1.pgcps.org/Accokeek and our Facebook page for updates and announcements.  The teachers, staff, and administration look forward to working with you and continuing to build our Accokeek community as we

    Soar to Excellence…..THE ACCOKEEK WAY!

    Educationally yours,

    Judy N. Adams






    Posted Jul 12, 2013, 8:20 AM by Judy Adams
  • A Celebration of Life
    Dear Accokeek Academy Family,

    Our beloved elementary Assistant Principal, Mrs. Mischa Dorr-Ames was eulogized on Thursday March 28, 2013.  Mrs. Ames was a dedicated professional with a sincere love of children and passion for ensuring that each child received a quality education.  She studied instructional practices and made theories and strategies real for all teachers.  She was a giving individual with much to give.

     She was known in school for always smiling and her fast paced walk to ensure every class was covered.   As she passed she gave everyone her signature greeting:  “Mauning!”


    Our staff shared some of their thoughts this week and I would like to share them with you:


    “She never once expressed that something couldn’t be done – there is always a way.  She’d get it for us, model it, make it, lend it to us, document it, post it on Pinterest, share it, or find it.  We learned that there is always a way.”  She was a servant leader.


    “I was so excited to learn that my room was going to be across the hall from her this year.  Some people might not like being right across from an assistant principal but I was thrilled!  I was thrilled so we could share what we were doing in class and I loved to talk to her.”  She was a friend and mentor.


    “She did not hesitate to substitute for a class when we were short.  She would forget she was in the room to conduct an observation and participate.  She exuded confidence, not just in herself and her own abilities but in others and theirs.  She always lifted you when you were in doubt.”  She was an encourager.


    “True inspiration in reading and willingness to share what she knew made you want to work harder.  A breath of fresh air.”  She was a teacher.


    Most importantly it was about the children – she loved the children.

    She made sacrifices that demonstrated her commitment to children.  She felt so strongly about kids’ ability to read. She would work long hours and then take work home.  We could always count on her.


    Phrases posted on her door were:  That's incredible! Amazing effort! You made it happen!  All to praise kids. She believed in these words; she lived them, and our students believed her affirmations because Ms. Ames made them feel nothing, but special. 


    Children will share their feelings and you can see by the outpouring love on the many cards and banners prepared by our children. A few of them are listed below:

    “You were a wonderful person.  And you helped all the troubles.  I love you and will try to do what you said and try to be a good person.”

    “If you know smiles – you know Ms. Ames.”

    “I will visualize you in my mind everyday.”

    “Thank you for being and making me feel happy and safe.”

    “You always help people when they need it.”

    “Thank you for always being there and helping me when I don’t understand.”

    “I will miss her because she was kind, nice, and cute.”

    Ms. Ames loved quotes. She shared this one with many staff members: 

    Some favorite expressions of small children:  “Its not my fault… They made me do it…I forgot.”  Some favorite expressions of adults:  “Its not my job… No one told me…It couldn't be helped.”  True freedom begins and ends with personal accountability.”  She lived by this.


    This is what she would want us to do.  This is the last stanza of the poem that was on her door all year:


    The human heart is like a snowflake

    Whose compassion freely flows

    Each moment when we are awake

    Like a drift destined to grow

    For despite life's squally weather

    Much promise can be instilled 

    When our hearts unite together

    In a blanket of goodwill.


     While a certain loss to our community, what a blessing she has been in our lives and to the hundreds of children whose lives she touched!

    Very truly yours,

    Judy N. Adams


    Posted Mar 30, 2013, 5:07 PM by Judy Adams
  • March's Blog

    Dear Accokeek Families,


    This week we begin the Maryland State Assessment or MSA.  We will begin on Tuesday March 5th and 6th with Reading with Math on March 12th and 13th.  This will end testing before Spring Break but grades 5th and 8th will begin Science testing on April 8th.  While Math and Reading are paper and pencil tests, Science will be online and may extend for over a week.  These tests are used to determine our progress against last year’s scores.  We are aiming for progress in all subgroups.  We encourage you to advise your child of the importance of MSA and its seriousness.  We have made every effort this school year to prepare all students to perform well on this test.  Please let them know that we know they are prepared, we know that they can succeed, and their effort and self-efficacy will determine their individual success.


    While MSA is one data point, there are others that we engage in each day.  First, I am very proud, honored and humbled to announce that our Talented and Gifted received state recognition as one of only nine schools in the state to receive the coveted EGATE Award in Talented Education.  A proclamation was given to the school from Governor O’Malley and our delegate, Mr. Proctor.  In addition, one of our teachers, Ms. Barbara Pirtle, 6th grade Reading, received recognition as one of the honored teachers for gifted education in the state of Maryland.  While these awards represent recognition of our school and Ms. Pirtle, it is very clear that our teachers are working everyday to bring your child the best education possible.


    I am also pleased to announce the following victories:  Boys’ Basketball  Team, coached by Mr. Smith (8th Grade Math) and Ms. Wooden (8th Grade Science) won 1st Place; Girls’ Basketball Team coached by Mr. Branch (Security) and Ms. Lee (Elementary Resource) won 2nd Placed; Girls’ Cheerleaders sponsored by Ms. Payne (Middle School Special Education Coordinator) took 2nd Place in their competition; Accokeek Academy had three middle school teams entered in the Destination Imagination competition held at Flowers High School on March 2nd and two of the three teams won 1st place in their division and will compete at the state level on April 13th.  I am also excited to announce that Accokeek Academy sponsored for the first time a Ballroom Dancing team sponsored by Ms. Shorter (4th Grade Math and Science) and Ms. St. Clair (Elementary TAG Coordinator) over a 10-week period.  The team brought home three trophies of recognition!


    We continue to need your support this school year.  We are looking for grant writers to assist in securing grants to impact our technology.  This week we were informed that we were awarded a grant from Councilman Mel Franklin in the amount of $5,000 to be used to purchase 20 Chrome Books for our intervention classes.  If we could secure more grants of this type it would be of tremendous to assist in our budgeting needs. 


    Speaking of budgets, we are within the budgeting cycle for all Prince George’s County schools.  We have become a Student Based Budgeting system and we at the school level has to provide a budget with a relatively quick turnaround.  All budgets are down and with the sequester in place may be further impacted.  Other ways to assist besides writing the grant would be finding those opportunities available for a school and forwarding them to my attention.  Donations of new or gently used televisions with built-in cable readiness.  Your donation of used and old cell phones will impact funds donated to the school.


    Finally, please continue to make contributions to the Principal’s Lunch Fund.  Many families use this fund during this difficult economic environment we live.  The monies are used on both campuses to ensure that all students have a hot meal daily.


    I ask that you remind your child that their behavior on the bus  could affect their bus riding privileges.  Yes, the bus ride is a privilege and can be revoked.  We are hearing and seeing many acts of teasing and behaviors interfering with the safe travel of our student. 


    As I close this month blog, I ask that you send your child well rested and fed for our testing days.  We know our students are ready to demonstrate to the state that Accokeek Academy teachers and staff provide a great learning environment for all students to succeed. 


    Educationally yours,


    Judy N. Adams


    Posted Mar 2, 2013, 7:27 PM by Judy Adams
  • January Blog

    Happy New Year Accokeek Academy Families!


    As we enter the New Year, we must revisit our vision to ensure that we have a constant eye in our direction. 


    We will become a child-centered professional learning community with a culture of continuous improvement where respect, effort, efficacy and excellence abound.”


    To accomplish this vision, we must partner together in our efforts to learn together as partners.  We must focus on becoming a professional learning community of administration, teachers, parents, and our students.  This is a paradigm shift that is happening more and more everyday.  I see it with the PTSA and there wonderful contributions to teachers’ wish lists over the holidays.  I see it with daily Parent/Teacher Conferences where through collaboration we develop the best learning strategies and behavioral plans for our students.  I see it when I go to classrooms and students’ binders are well organized and Cornell Notes are utilized to give our students consistent organizational skills and study habits.  I see it when parents have come into classrooms, into the office, come to basketball practice, and to games providing the assistance for our concessions.  I see it at IEP meetings where parents, teachers, counselors, resource teachers, and additional specialists review testing and classroom data and collaborate to develop and individual educational plan for the student.  Let’s continue to strive toward our vision.


    The measurement of our new changes is revealed in accomplishment of our goals.  Last year we set out to have our exceptional Talented and Gifted program recognized by the State of Maryland.  This past weekend we were awarded along with only 7 other schools in the state, to receive the coveted Excellence in Gifted and Talented Education (EGATE) School status.  The emergence of our TAG program along with the implementation of the Primary Toolkit, the Comprehension Toolkit, content integration, and Common Core curriculum utilizing the Springboard texts, have led to this recognition.  The EGATE awards reception and awards ceremony will be held on Thursday, February 28, 2013 from 5:00 – 8:00 p.m. at the Kossiakoff Auditorium of the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, MD.


    We are approaching the Maryland School Assessment (MSA) date.  We have eight weeks to prepare our students for success.  We will provide you and your student with the strong and weak standards from our second FAST assessment that will be given this month.  We ask that you assist your student with understanding these skills and focusing extra time at home practicing these skills using software programs provided by the school such as:  Study Island, Achieve 3000, First in Math, and FASTT Math.  Additionally, many teachers offer other websites and other materials to assist your student in their weak areas.


    We will be implementing a positive behavior program.  Students in elementary will have the opportunity to earn Eagle Feathers and in Upper Campus to earn Eagle Bucks.  These items will be used to purchase items in the new School Stores.  The School Stores will only be open from 8:30 to 9:00am.  Currently, stocked with school supplies and homework passes.  Any contributions of small items such as:  ear buds would be appreciated.


    Additionally, you will be hearing shortly about our new fundraiser.  With everyone looking for ways to dispose of their old telephones, we offer this opportunity.  You are asked to bring your old cell phones to school and we will ship them to a company that will reimburse us with different amounts per phone.  We hope that you will take this opportunity to assist Accokeek Academy and simultaneously, our environment.


    I would finally, like to thank each of you for your support in the many efforts this school year.  We continue to need your support with the Principal’s School Lunch Funds at each campus to assist in providing lunch to those students without funds.  This happens frequently and the demand is becoming very difficult to keep up.  Our recognition of this problem is helping struggling families everyday.


    Educationally yours,


    Judy N. Adams




    Posted Jan 5, 2013, 7:51 PM by Judy Adams
  • December Blog

    Dear Accokeek Academy Family,

    It is with great pleasure that I write this blog for the month of December.  We have seen some very important changes take a firm grasp within our school community.  We are school wide AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) utilizing the AVID binder for organization and the use of Cornel Notes in our classes to create consistency for our students.  We want our students to begin young, developing habits of the mind that research supports as moving students to become College Bound!  These two initiatives are very much synonymous with our mission to prepare all of our students for AP classes upon reaching high school.  Additionally, we are moving steadily towards 100% Agenda signing everyday.  This is to create an on-going communication device with our families to ensure student compliance with expectations.

    We have implemented Primary Toolkit, Comprehension Toolkit, and Springboard reading curriculums this school year.  These are all curriculum requiring a higher level of rigor, which translates into higher order thinking skill development of our students.  Our goal is to begin our students as early as kindergarten to comprehend text.  Students learning that reading is thinking about text at that age will consistently have students reading earlier.  These curriculums focus on comprehension strategy instruction.  These reading curriculums led to consistent scores on the County’s first FAST assessment of the year.  Our students scored very much as they did last year during first quarter’s FAST assessments.

     Math continues to be our struggle school wide.  We have adopted the Springboard Math curriculum for the middle school grades of 6th – 8th.  In the primary grades, we have begun to focus on the Common Core curriculum that gives students more conceptual foundational knowledge and understanding.  We believe that these foundational steps will assist our students in having the necessary understanding to successfully perform in math in their later years.  I ask that you have your son or daughter to practice and study Math every night.  This is a habit that will assist students in building their own expectations of what is required to be a successful Math student.

     We have several important projects that have begun school wide.  The first is the annual STEM Fair.  All information can be found on our website.  I ask that you encourage your student during this project by making sure that they are providing the necessary details to their teachers along the way.  Do not wait until the last minute to show the teacher the question, then the hypothesis and then the steps of the experiment.  This will keep the student engaged in their project and the teacher able to grade their project along the way.  The Social Studies teachers have also begun History Day projects and we are really looking forward to conducting History Day for the first time. Some have asked why so many projects this year.  Extended projects provide students with more rigorous work - synthesizing information and making generalizations.

     We continue to find a need to ask you for your support of our students needing lunch money each day.  Your contributions are used for needy students whose parents work but are finding it difficult in these difficult economic times.  Your donation in any amount to each campus is greatly appreciated.  We are also looking for donations of 3in. to 4in. binders for students.  These are replacement binders requiring immediate attention.  Additionally, the PTSA has so gracefully started a Teachers’ Wish List for the holidays.  They are seeking persons to make contributions towards their requests.  Please see Ms. Dempson, PTSA President, in this effort.  Finally, we are trying to get the School Stores open by January 1st.  We need volunteers to come and break down the school supply kits and arrange the stores.  Your assistance would be wonderful to help get us started.

     Finally, my thanks are extended to the PTSA for their fabulous assistance all school year.  The PTSA has been a true partner and we are grateful for this partnership.  The current PTSA fundraiser is to continue to collect box tops and turn them in to your homeroom teacher.  These proceeds last year secured a couple of listening centers, racks, and book shelving.

     We have several weeks before the end of the calendar year.  Let’s keep our students focused.  We will have goal-setting conferences with each student in grades 3-8 beginning this week.  We want our students to know their data and to set high expectations of themselves and to realize what is required to achieve a higher level of success. 

    Thank you for your continued support!

     Educationally yours,

     Judy N. Adams


    Posted Nov 25, 2012, 7:17 PM by Judy Adams
  • October's Blog
    Hello Accokeek Academy!

    I am very excited about the start of this school year.  We have instituted changes that are designed to create a culture of learning from Kindergarten to 8th grade.  This culture for learning is intended to promote habits of the mind into our children.  Children that become organized and possess a system to study for every class will lead to success.  Students are being taught their learning styles that also promote students being responsible for their own learning.  These AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) principles are research-based with proven results that align with our vision and mission.  

    I thank Mrs. Zabrina Dempson, President of the Accokeek Academy PTSA and the member and volunteers that have joined together to  provide the beginning of a strong partnership.  Thus far this school year we have collaborated on all of our events and activities resulting in strong participation and attendance.  We began the year with the introduction of our School Supply Kits which was an overwhelming success!  This has allowed students to be uniformed and furthered our efforts to have a uniform student organizational plan for all students.  It enabled us to provide kits to those students that could not afford them and to assist in supplementing those students that had a partial supply.  Donations from many of you also has allowed us to assist in some replenishing of supplies for students that are finding it difficult to stay on track.  We then joined together to have our Back to School Fair introducing everyone to our changes for the school year.  There were in excess of 250 parents in attendance.  Many parents signed up for membership in PTSA at that time.  This event was followed by our Back to School Night that was supported by the majority of our parents.  Teachers were pleased with your support to strengthen our partnership with the goal of improved student academic, social, emotional, psychological, physical and ethical success.  We also joined together to have Back to School dances.  The 8th graders to begin raising funds for their end of the year activities.  The PTSA offered to plan the dance for our elementary students.  On the same night we held both events together - one in the middle school and the other in the elementary.  Both were a success!  We then brought the PSAT exam to Accokeek Academy for the first time.  Over 125 students are scheduled to sit for the exam on October 20th.  The PTSA saw this as an opportunity to search for a tutoring company to provide test taking strategies to students for a fee for the last few weeks.  The PTSA then sponsored Men Make a Difference Day this past week.  We had nearly 100 men in attendance!  This type of support from our men was a wonderful statement of support for our students and staff.  Now, upcoming on Saturday October 20th, the PTSA has joined with the school to sponsor the County's Clean Up Day.  We will be gathering at the Lower Campus at 9am.  We will work to mulch, trim, plant and collect trash on the front grounds and the Courtyard.  Thank you parents and constituents for a great start to our school year and partnership.

    This week we will begin FAST testing in Reading in grades 3-8.  Next week testing will be in Math.  The following week, we will test in Science.  All are two days of testing.  These are County designed exams to assist us in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of our students.  Please encourage your students to get a good night sleep and have breakfast in the mornings before the tests.  Additionally, it is extremely important that all students be on time for school in order to be timely.  Encourage your child to do their very best.  Remind them that this is not about what they remember, but each test is determining their abilities to think.  They must remember their background knowledge and apply it to the questions asked.  Also remind them to read carefully then to STOP, THINK, AND REACT to each question asked.  

    I would like to close by thanking so many of you for lending a helping hand thus far this year.  We have had so many of you volunteer in the library and office; the Book Fair; Men Make a Difference Day; and allowing your children to participate in soccer, basketball, and the school dances.  Teachers are now preparing to begin after school activities for  National Junior Honor Society, 5th Grade STEM Club, Student Government, STEM Club, Math Club, John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, Art Club, Geography Club, Rocket Club, Imagine Learning for ESOL Students, Chorus, Jazz Band, Band, and other after school activities.  I encourage you to have your child to participate in one or more of these.  We know that student involvement in other activities makes them a stronger student with a vested interest in their academic success.

    Educationally yours,
    Judy N. Adams
    Posted Oct 14, 2012, 5:25 PM by Judy Adams
  • Welcome to the 2012-2013 School Year
    I am very pleased to have the Principal Page to communicate with you about the successes, challenges and progress of our school.  Everyday we are moving closer to our vision of becoming a child-centered professional learning community with a culture of continuous improvement where respect, effort, efficacy, and excellence abound.  As you enter our buildings you see evidence of our efforts to demonstrate to our students that they are college bound.  We want our students everyday to think about their future and about their success.  We want them to know that we are planning that future together now.

    We will have a continuous focus on our students' organizational skills and study habits.  There is to be 100% Agenda signing daily.  Students are expected to maintain a color-coded binder and are learning and using Cornell Notes.  These three habits we want to instill in every student this school year.  When students come home, I ask that you review their binders and their notes from each day's classes.  No longer can there be an answer to the question of "What did you do today at school?" by saying, "Nothing."  Please take the Cornell notes and fold the left hand side, asking the questions and having your student to answer with the notes found on the righthand side of the paper.  This is developing students' habits of mind.  For our younger students, please reinforce our color coding system with them.  We want those colors to be a habit with them each year to organize themselves continuously.  Please also remember that reading and practicing Math facts everyday is highly encouraged of every student.

    Thank you for the overwhelming response to our school supply kits!  This program was designed to get all of our students to have the same materials and for our organizational plan to get off to a great beginning and it did because of your support.  It has also allowed the school to provide needed supplies to our less fortunate students.  Additionally, we will be able to have the school store opened and fully supplied with replacement items that our students may require.  We invite your continued support of this valuable program.

    We are also in the midst of our gently used books drive.  We are asking you to look through your books, determine grade level appropriateness and donate them to our classroom libraries.  I thank the many parents that have already done and encourage others to join in this effort.  This allows other students to read these wonderful books and reduces the costs of teachers purchasing books or coming from the school budget.  Our PTSA is also encouraging a uniform drive of gently used uniforms to assist our families in need and also to have a supply on hand in the school when accidents occur.  Additionally, classroom teachers have individual wish lists.  I encourage each of you to make a contribution to your child's classroom.  Items like hand sanitizer is welcome as we approach flu season.  Finally, as we know economic times are difficult.  Families that had never found themselves in financial peril are experiencing difficulties.  There is a assistance available for student breakfast and lunch through the County by completing the Free and Reduced Lunch form.  The forms were sent home at the beginning of the year and are available in each office.  Your information remains confidential and your students can be assured of eating breakfast and lunch daily.  Please complete a form as soon as you can.  The response time is approximately two weeks.

    I look forward to a year of growth in all the developmental pathways of our students and moving closer to our vision as a school of excellence.  

    Judy N. Adams
    Posted Sep 23, 2012, 1:48 PM by Judy Adams
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