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Welcome to school-year 2018-2019!  

We look forward to working with your child in First Grade as we set sail on a journey of 
learning, discovery, and fun. 

All of your support is needed and appreciated as 
your child comes to school prepared 
and strive to be the best!

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Ms. Amelita Gordola (amelita.gordola@pgcps.org) - Room 216 Ext. 59255
Ms. Javonni Boyce (javonni2.boyce@pgcps.org) - Room 214 Ext. 59254 
Ms. Colette Griffith (colette.griffith@pgcps.org) - Room 213 Ext. 59253
 Call our Office Number (301)636-8400  or 

                                   Breakfast is served in the classrooms.
Instruction begins at 8:45 A.M.
Dismissal starts at 2:15 A.M.

 Daily Class Schedule    Encore Schedule
8:20-8:40   BREAKFAST/Homeroom
8:45-10:45  Reading/Language Arts
10:45-11:15  Encore
11:15-11:45   LUNCH
11:45-12:00 Physical Activity
12:00-1:15    Math
1:15-2:15       Science - MTW
1:15-2:15       Social Studies - Thursdays
1:15-2:15       Health -  Fridays
2:15 - 2:30    Dismissal


Encore Schedule  10:45 – 11:15







A Fri

B Fri

Media A-Thurs










12:45-1:30 A Fri









9:30-10:15 A Thurs









8:45-9:30 A Thurs










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First Grade 

School Supply List


6 black and white composition books (wide ruled) - each containing 100 pages

5 hard plastic durable pocket folders 

1 box of 16 crayons (replace as needed) 

1 pair of blunt-end scissors  

3 boxes of No. 2 pencils (replace as needed) or

1 pencil pouch with a zipper 

1 large eraser (replace as needed)  

1 box of Crayola washable markers 

1 pack of 3-hole wide ruled filler paper

*Agenda book (to be purchased in the office) 

2 large boxes of tissues 

1 large bottle of hand sanitizer 

1 container of disinfecting wipes 

2 boxes of Ziploc bags (1 sandwich size and 1 gallon size)

1 set of headset/headphones for computer and/or Waterford use


Reminders* Reminders* Reminders*


Back-To-School Night 

Our Back-To-School Night will be held on September 12th, 2018.  
The First Grade Team will be very delighted to meet you.  

This is your chance to meet your child's teacher as well. Any questions or clarifications you might have about your child's transportation, schedule, school supplies, and any other 
school-related concerns may be raised on this night. 

 We hope to work with you as we help each other ensure the success 
of your children as they begin their journey in fulfilling their dreams.  

Parent Teacher Conference

Parents, our Parent Teacher Conference Day will be held on NOVEMBER 12th, 2018.  The First Grade Teachers will be contacting you to set specific time for you to come over and discuss 
your child's progress at school with their teacher.  
Please contact your child's teacher if you will need to set up email or phone conference.  We will be delighted to assist you.

School Uniforms

Our school, Robert R. Gray ES is a uniform school.  Students are expected to come to school in uniform on the FIRST day of school. 
Our school colors are navy blue and/or white shirt, khaki and/or gray pants or skirts.  School uniform sweaters must also
 follow our school uniform policy.  If you have any questions, please call the office at (301)636-8400. 

Field Trips

Camp Schmidt Foundation opened its doors for First Grade students since 3 years ago to visit and experience nature. This year, we are again participating in 
this great outdoor one-day 
Field Trip opportunity.  Our first Field Trip for the year is scheduled on _______________________.
Please contact the office if you are interested to volunteer as a chaperone for this specific activity.

Reading/ Language Arts

Robert R. Gray ES implements the Maryland Common Core State Standards curriculum.  Common Core strengthens 

students’ love for reading by allowing children to read independently every day. 

 We continue to focus on the reading and writing skills with our first graders.  

Phonemic awareness and literacy development are essential parts of our program.


This year, we are using the Reading materials from Reading Wonders by McGraw-Hill.  Students and parents will also be given a code to access 

these materials via connectED website.  

This way, students can also view their homework online 
with their parents' assistance. 
Common Core  also provides a venue for students to feel confident and comfortable in writing. 
We will continue using Writing Fundamentals  as part of our writing program
 for First Graders to make sure students will start writing 
their thinking in a higher level, and respond in writing about a story they've read or heard.    

Writing Fundamentals

                 We are continuing Personal Narrative Lessons for the remaining of the Second Quarter as students learn to 

become better writers as early as in First Grade.  

Students learn how to write stories from their own experiences with less and less support from teachers.  Students are trained to put their thinking into writing as they begin their writing with a good beginning,

 include important information in the body of their writing, and finish with a good closing.  Students learn more and more 

with this routine on Days 5, 6 and 7 of each Cycle of the Reading Sessions. 



We are using our  NEW textbook  called Envision MATH 2.0. This textbook is a Common Core-based material and 

can also be accessed via Pearson Realize website. 

 Parents and students will be given a code to freely open the site and view students' homework assignments, 

classwork, and free access to some math games.

Math sessions are held daily to ensure the students mastery of every skill required from the Common Core Standards. 

Our Science sessions will be taught every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 12:00 noon.   

We will be using NEW textbook from last year.  
t is called HMH Science Dimensions

The following science concepts will be taught by units:

Unit 1:  Engineering and Technology
Unit 2:  Sound
Unit 3:  Light
Unit 4:  Plant and Animal Structures
Unit 5:  Living Things and Their Young

http://www.hmhco.com/ed to access Science Dimensions textbook.

Our Health session will be held every Friday at 1:45 PM as well.  

Social Studies

Our Social Studies sessions will be taught every Thursday at 1:15 PM

following the new curriculum from previous years.  

We will be using the textbook, myWorld Social Studies, Making our Way for First Grade.

Social Studies concepts taught will include: 

 I.  My School, My Community

II.  Work in the Community

III.  Looking at our World

IV.  Traditions We Share

V.  Our Past, Our Present

Resource Websites

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