Introduction to Golf Course Architecture( Previously Understanding Golf Course Design – a practical guide for the PGA Pro)

Quick Info

Level: Introduction

Duration: 1 Day

CPD Points: 25

Max Places: 18

Price: £75

PGA Member Subsidised Price: £42

Today, many golf clubs are looking toward improving their golf courses by either enhanced maintenance or making slight, or in some cases substantial changes to the design or layout of their course. In many cases initial opinion, feedback and advice is sought from the Club’s Professional or Director of Golf and the aim of this seminar is to equip the delegate with a basic background and outline understanding of golf course architecture.
As golf equipment technology strides ahead an increasing amount of golf clubs are seeking to re-balance their golf course to offer a tougher or better ‘test’ of golf. Re positioning of, or introducing new hazards could well be on the clubs agenda, gaining additional length to the course, re-modelling an existing green or teeing ground or even a new piece of land that has become available allowing the club to build new holes. These types of situations will arise during the lifespan of virtually every golf club and this seminar will help the Delegate to have an understanding and make a positive contribution to the process.
The journey of the profession of golf course architecture together with its key designers is a fascinating and informative story and the delegate will learn to appreciate the subject in greater depth when designer’s styles and their golf courses are studied.
All in all, this very interesting subject offers a lot and is valuable in many situations within the golf professionals day to day life at the golf club
Course Objectives

  • Have an appreciation of the early principles of golf course architecture.
  • Have an insight into the key architects.
  • Differentiate between the certain styles of design.
  • Consider the implications of a golf course routing, hazard placement, green shapes, tee positions and general maintenance of a golf course
  • Understand the safety margin guidelines relating to the design of golf holes.
  • Undertake a re-design exercise.
Course Content
  • Golf Course Design – where did it all start?
  • The pioneering golf architects. What where their influence? What were their design styles? And what legacies did they leave to learn from?
  • Penal, Strategic and Heroic are accepted design styles – Consider their evolution and development of these individual design styles and their effect on play. Individual design exercise for delegate.
  • The Design Fundamentals: Routing the course; Placement of Hazards; Green Shapes and locations; Teeing ground placement and overall maintenance considerations that have design bearing.
  • Golf Design and Health & Safety
  • Individual Re-design project
Delegates would need to bring an (architects) scale ruler, a fine drawing pencil and rubber. The scale rulers can be bought on line for less than £4 online or any stationers.