High School Science Honors Classes      
Patrick F. Taylor Science & Technology Academy


  •       Participation is required for Honors Credit in Biology, Chemistry, or Physics.
  • The final project must score at least 77% overall for Honors credit to be assigned.You must also provide photo and/or video to verify evidence of data collection.
  • Final paper must be submitted to Turnitin.com with an originality report <10%. Take advantage of this service to summarize and edit your writing before due dates.
  •       Projects with human subjects, vertebrates, microorganisms, or hazardous materials are allowed only if you fill in the proper and obtain an off-site mentor.  Use the rules wizard at the ISEF website, http://www.societyforscience.org/isef/document   to see which forms your project requires.   You must submit these forms for approval prior to beginning your experiment.  Most of these type projects require mentors at university or research laboratories.  However, the number of these opportunities is limited and available only to students who can commit to follow through with the project. 
    •       You are welcome to use science lab equipment at school only.  Students may not check out equipment or chemicals to use off-campus. One afternoon each week will be designated for research projects after school. 
    •      A list of available equipment follows.  If you would like to perform an experiment requiring equipment not in the list, ask your teacher for additional information.

    o       Photogates

    o       Temperature probes

    o       Colorimeters

    o       UVA and UVB probes

    o       pH probes

    o       gas pressure probes

    o     dissolved oxygen probe

    o       light meter
    o     magnetometer
    o     Rotary motion sensor
    o     Sound level meter
    •       The top 3 projects in each category are eligible to participate in the Greater New Orleans Science Fair (GNOSEF).  Volunteers from area colleges are willing to work with you after school to prepare for regional competition.   At GNOSEF, students receive awards and scholarships for projects in specific areas.