PAP Pre-Cal

TEXTBOOK USED:   PreCalculus, McGraw Hill, 2016.                                                            Open House will be on September 7th.  I hope to see you there!

 SUPPLIES: The following materials are required for class each day:

Sharpened pencils!!
Graphing & Notebook paper
**A 3-ring binder
A scientific calculator will be very handy but is not required

It would be most appreciated if everyone could donate the following items:

TWO 4-pk of AAA batteries          Box of tissues

GRADE:  70%:  Major Grades (Tests & Quizzes)

   30%:   Daily Grades (Homework and daily work)

HOMEWORK:  Homework will be assigned almost daily.  The textbook pages required for the assignment will be available online via the website ( along with the assignment questions.  Students may ask questions on the homework at the start of class or during tutorials.  If there are a large amount of questions we may review, but if a single individual has lots of questions I would encourage they attend tutorials prior to the assignments’ due date. Most assignments are due no less than 4 days after it was assigned. They may be due sooner if significant amount of class time was given to work however.

QUIZZES/TESTS:  Quizzes/Tests are given interchangeably depending on the amount of material on the assessment.  They will always be announced so students are prepared.  They will be closed notes and some may be non-calculator.  If a student receives a grade below a 70% they will be given an opportunity to raise the grade to a max of a 70%.  Corrections on the original assessment must be completed before the recovery opportunity is given.  Students will have two weeks from the day their grades were entered to recover their grade.

 Expectations:  We expect students in this class to reach beyond a high school level.

·         All assignments that are turned in must be neat, well-organized, and of the HIGHEST QUALITY.


·         If you want to know your grade, ensure you have access to Focus.

·         If you are absent, please refer to the class website to see what was missed before returning to class.

·         Arrive to class on time every day.  Try to be in class every day.

·         If you are absent, you are responsible for any notes and/or assignments that you missed – get these from your peers or the website before coming to tutorials for the lesson. For missed tests/quizzes see the teacher.

·         ASK QUESTIONS!!!

TUTORING:  Posted and Updated on the homepage. A remind alert will be sent if a tutorial is cancelled for any reason so make sure you are signed up.

ABSENCES:  Pre-AP Pre-Calculus is a rigorous course and the pace cannot slow down because you are not there.  Minimize absences that can be helped, and if you know you will be out, be proactive about getting the work that will be missed.  Always turn to peers or the website for the notes that were missed, and the Pre-Cal folder in the room for any worksheets you may need to collect.  After you have your notes, you may attend tutorials to get a review of the material and help if you need it!  Tests and quizzes that are missed must be made up in tutorials.  No class time will be devoted to catching up on missed assessments.

COMMUNICATION:  PARENTS, if you have an e-mail address, please provide it.  E-mail is the easiest and quickest way for me to communicate what is happening in the classroom.  I am also able to respond to your concerns more promptly by e-mail, but if this is not an option for you I will get back to you at the phone number you provide as quickly as possible. 

  ** I would also encourage you to sign up on for your child’s section to receive updates on when tests are, important upcoming deadlines, events, etc.

 Sign up for Remind at and use the code below to join the appropriate section code below. Or text the appropriate code below to 81010.

1st period: PAPPC1

2nd period: ORPC2

3rd period: PAPPC3

5th period: ORPC5

7th period: PAPPC7

8th period: PAPPC8


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