Dramatic Literature (Semester)
Dramatic literature is a unique genre that requires advanced comprehension and analysis skills to uncover the deeper meaning and impact of these living works. During the semester, we build on existing literary analysis skills to use dramatic texts as a medium for addressing social, political, personal, and cultural issues and their impact and influence on society as a whole. With each text, we will discuss a different theory for analyzing the text, building our repertoire, of perspectives for examining this diverse genre. Students will be encouraged to apply independent literary analysis skills and utilize these skills to express their thoughts and interpretations in a verbal and written context. Students will also be encouraged to explore their own creativity through independent artistic choices to demonstrate evidence of proficiency in the course standards. 
Instructor: Mrs. Laura Bengs

Technical Theater Production (Semester)
Technical Theater Production is a semester course that will allow students the opportunity to learn the practices of backstage, technical aspects of theater production. Course topics will include theater basics and types of theaters, set design and construction, sound design and implementation, costume and prop design and construction, and stage management and publicity techniques. Throughout the course, students will partake in hands-on production projects, including production for the Dramatic Literature and Performance course and the current school production. As part of the course, students will be required to attend a variety of professional and school performances to view and critique set constructions in other performances.  
Instructor: Mr. James Sevens