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This is our 32nd year offering exceptional childcare to the students of Valley Vista.  Our Childcare Center is open from 6:30am to 6:15pm (excluding school hours).  We are open on school days and Staff Development days but closed for holidays and school breaks.  If the school closes due to any sort of emergency, the Center will also close.

About our Program

TK & Kindergarten students are delivered to their classrooms at 8:25am and picked up after school at the classroom door by an attendant.  Older children are dismissed to their classrooms in the morning and go to child care by themselves in the afternoon.

Our program includes a wide range of indoor activity choices (painting, puzzles, Legos, dress-up, board games and crafts).  We also have an outdoor play structure, and outdoor equipment (roller skates, jump ropes, scooters, basketball and soccer). 

Everyone has a light snack at 3:45pm.  Students are encouraged to do their homework after some play time and snack.  And a quiet space is available for homework. 

Contract Hours*

 $4.10 per hour
Drop-in Credit Account: $4.35 per hour
Drop-in: $4.85 per hour
Emergency drop-in: $6.35 per hour

*All registration rates and contract rates subject to change

Contracts are due before the 1st of the month.  
If your account is over 5 days past due, your child may not attend Child Care until the bill is paid current.