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ENROLL HERE:    TK/Kindergarten            Grades 1-3                 Grades 4-6

Download paper forms here (not needed if enrolling online)

Enrichment details

Registration closes Friday September 23rd Classes begin Monday October 3rd

 All Classes are 6 weeks; Fall session starts October 3rd  and ends November 11th  2016 with the following exceptions:

•  Flag Football is 4 weeks with the first class on October 13th  and the last class on November 3rd

•  Cooking School for Grade 1-3 will not have class on November 11th . Last class will be on November 18th .

•  Pottery has no class on October 18th . Last class will be on November 15th .

•  The last week of the enrichment session is conference week. Enrichment class times will change.

**Pottery is not directly after school for Grade 1-3. Student must go to childcare before the class.

Registration procedures:

• The registration period opens September 16th and closes Friday September 23rd (late registration accepted through September 28).

• Students who meet the registration requirements but are not drawn for their requested class this session due to class being full will have priority for first choice next session.

• Classes with insufficient enrollment will be canceled.

• If your chosen class is full or cancelled, your check will be shredded. Cash will be returned to the office to your attention.

• Class rosters will be posted on the school office window by Friday, September 30th. If email contact info is provided below, class registration and location will be forwarded also.

Childcare and Safety Information:

Students enrolled in Valley Vista on-site childcare must first sign into childcare and then go directly to enrichment class. Students not in childcare should go directly to their enrichment class after dismissal. Parents need to notify the office of any changes in their child’s participation in the enrichment class so that students can be safe and accounted for.

Fees and Scholarships:

We make every effort possible to keep the cost of the enrichment classes low to serve as many students as possible. However please be aware that scholarships are available if requested. Scholarship requests will be chosen through a random lottery. Scholarship recipients are eligible for one class per session, and are encouraged to contribute a small amount or as much as possible to their tuition.

For questions or concerns please contact Megan French at or 707-815-8209

Roya Rose Platsis,
Sep 18, 2016, 3:54 PM