What are parents & students saying?

Valley Vista makes our hearts happy. It’s a neighborhood school with dedicated teachers and a strong sense of community and inclusiveness. The onsite childcare and homework philosophy are a great fit for working families.
-Elizabeth Clary

Valley Vista was the perfect choice for our family. Our two children are very different people and VV has met their needs perfectly. We have been fortunate to experience academic challenge, and academic support, when it was needed.... Most of all, VV is a community. People from very different backgrounds come together for their children and love and support one another. If we had to make the decision all over again, we would choose Valley Vista without reservation.
-Jen Cannon

What makes Valley Vista Special? (from our Winter 2016 student survey)

VV is special because I learn math and I like learning math. Math makes me feel happy.
-1st grade student

I think that many things make Valley Vista special because I love dance, P.E., my principal, math, my friends and finally my teacher.
-4th grade student

Valley Vista is special because there is a lot of caring and helping people.
-5th grade student

There is a great community and takes care of the environment! As well as everyone is nice!
-6th grade student

The garden really makes the school special and the band and chorus.
-6th grade student

I like my school because I want to be here.
-kinder student

Why our family loves Valley Vista!
1. The teachers: my kids have had amazing teachers and they both look forward to going to school every day. 2. (tied with 1) The Community: we have made so many friends - not just kids being friends with kids but families being friends with families. 
3. (tied with 1) The librarian: Mrs. Hoppes is a very special kind of librarian.
4. Childcare: that VV childcare is "the best playdate ever". Mine are there at least 2x a week because they want to go and play with their friends! 
5. No burdensome homework. I am not a proponent of homework at all so am very grateful that both the quality and the amount of homework are both reasonable (spelling, writing, reading, maybe a sheet of math to reinforce concepts learned in class + an age appropriate project here and there that may require some extra time at home). 6. The kids are encouraged to be active and get out and play! Balls! Tag! Run! Fun Friday! 
7. Art Docent program in the classroom (this is avail at any PCS school) - the teachers really embrace the use of this program in the classrooms and get parent volunteers to help. 
8. Speaking of parent involvement - parents are encouraged to be involved! And welcomed! 
9. Teachers are accessible - all respond to email quickly and make themselves available to discuss any "issue". 
10. Our family loves Valley Vista - it was totally the right choice for us!
-Tracy Perlich
Valley Vista is such a gem of a school and we've been so happy there, since starting 3 years ago. First and foremost, I didn't realize what a blessing it would be (in this town especially) to be able to send my children to our neighborhood school. Walking in the morning (on the occasions that we can) and to pick-up at night, has become a nice treat. To have the little chunk of time to slow down and talk about what's going on in our lives and get an upload of everybody's day has been a sweet addition to our lives. Secondly, I am so grateful for the diversity of the population, which is reflective of real Petaluma. I'm happy that some of A's good friends aren't native speakers, and that the school celebrates the diversity of its population regularly, through festivals and events... Third, the teachers are outstanding! It has been apparent throughout our experience, that each teacher loves their job down to their core, and the connection our family has felt with each of A's teachers has been so special... A piece of Valley Vista that has been HUGE for my family is the on-site Childcare program... Bonnie Weekly has been running the program for 25 years, and when I first started asking people about Valley Vista, hers was the first name I remember hearing. My daughter spends every afternoon in Childcare and LOVES it. ...I was so relieved to have this excellent school right here, with no need to look further.
-Jen Birmingham