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TK & Kindergarten

Welcome to TK and kindergarten!  It's an exciting time for learning, playing, exploring and meeting new friends.  School is amazing and our kindergarten experience sets kids on a positive course!

Mrs. Neufeld, Kindergarten

Fun Facts:
My family: I am one lucky girl! My husband, two sons, and I live within biking distance of the three schools where we work/attend. For a long time, we commuted from Santa Rosa, so you can guess how awesome it feels for us to live and work in our same wonderful community! As a family, we like to backpack and go to Giants games whenever possible. We also love to go to Dillon beach where we take our two yellow labs to frolic in the ocean. We have a one eyed cat named Iris! You'll often see the Neufelds at the Swim Center or at the PHS pool as both of our sons swim competitively. 
In my free time: I love to garden, read, and exercise. Oh! And I LOVE to dance. 
A cool connection: I went to McDowell School when I was a little girl, and when I was hired by PCS, I got to work with my original Kindergarten teacher! I truly feel I was placed on this Earth to work with kids, and I try to count my many blessings everyday!

Mrs. Hultquist, TK/Kinder

Fun Facts:
My family: My husband is Michael, and our children are Magnus and Anja.  We have 2 orange kitties, Tiger and Boo, and Bjorn, a German Sheppard, and Striker, a corn snake.
Where I've lived: I'm originally from Kansas and hold on to many of my Midwest values but certainly enjoy the diversity of California.
What we do in our free time: My husband and I enjoy going out for sushi and hearing live music. I feel lucky to live and work in Petaluma.