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5th Grade

5th graders delve into US History and write amazing reports and create digital masterpieces to show what we know. 5th graders work independently and collaboratively. We learn from each other, our teacher and the world.  

Mrs. Dalzell

Mrs. Dalzell's class website

Fun Facts:
Best Advice: A mentor once told me to pick a job I liked so I would always want to go to work. Well, I did. This is why I still enjoy my job so much even though it is my 26th year of teaching!! 
Childhood: I grew up In San Francisco in a family of 8 kids (the REAL Brady Bunch-No, I wasn't Marsha, more like Jan). 
My family: I have 3 pretty much grown children and a dog (the cutest one-eyed dog in the world). 
In my spare time: I play music, garden, cook and read. 

I am proud and happy to be a Valley Vista Viking!

Mrs. Belove (5th/6th)

Mrs. Belove's class website

Fun Facts:
Childhood home(s): I have lived all around the Bay Area, and have had several "childhood homes." Interestingly, I am currently living in the place I lived in when I went to high school, right here in Petaluma. My mother bought the house in 1978, and it has been in the family ever since. The house, the neighborhood, and the town hold so many memories. I love living and working where I grew up.
Family pets: The Belove family currently has two dogs. Buddy is our big boy. He is 90 pounds of black-lab/shepherd mix. He is a terrific watch-dog, and is very attached to Mr. Belove. Goldie is, of course, a Golden Retriever. She is a big, lazy, love-bug, and she loves to eat! If Buddy doesn't watch out, she will eat both hers and his! Both of our dogs were rescue pets, so we didn't pick those oh-so-obvious names for them. We are just glad they joined our family!
A place I'd love to visit: For those of you who don't already know, my family are huge baseball fans! Together we have visited (and watched a game in) every Major League baseball park in the U.S. That's 29 parks! It took us several summers to complete this feat, but there is still one left on the list. Once we get passports it is our goal to visit Toronto, so we can say we have seen them all!