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4th Grade

We move from learning to read to reading to learn!  California history, chapter books (and even whole series), science labs and garden adventures.  4th graders work collaboratively and communicate with one another to get to the heart of understanding and accomplish more together! 

Mrs. Ackman    

Fun facts:
Family: My husband, Ryan and I have three daughters, Grace, Emily and Molly. Grace and Emily attend Valley Vista and Molly, at age 3, is a future Viking herself. We have three, yes three, chihuahuas. Most of the time you can find them curled up like sleeping cats, unless there is a ball somewhere in sight. Papi loves to play ball so much that we have to hide it from him when it's time for a rest!
Hometown: I was born and raised in Napa and moved to Sonoma County to attend college. We are happy to call Sonoma County our home!
A Place I'd Like to Visit: For as long as I can remember I've wanted to go to France. I even took French for three years in high school. It's too bad that high school was so long ago, and Bonjour is most of what I remember!

Mrs. Ortlinghaus 

Fun facts:
My favorite book: "Bag of Bones" by Stephen King. When I met my husband (at a teaching conference) we were both reading it. Next is "Marathon Woman" by Kathrine Switzer. She is the first woman to register for and have official bib numbers in the Boston Marathon. She paved the way for the rest of us to be able to run it.
Childhood memory: I had the opportunity to be on the television show, "Romper Room." My parents drove me to Oakland every weekday for 2 weeks for "filming." (The technology was different back in the olden days, so they could only manage one episode per day.) I spent one week with Miss Nancy, but I really wanted to meet Miss Mary Ann. Somehow I "convinced" everyone I should go back for a second week!
In my free time: I do outdoor activities. Currently I am working on improving my road bicycling skills and speed.
Unique sports connection: I am part owner of the Green Bay Packers.