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A. Starting a new science course

    1. Required Sciences Projects:

                 i.  Science Fair Project Instructions
                ii.  The Engineering Design Process
                iii.  Warm Ups
                        (a) Controlled Experiments #1 
                        (b) Controlled Experiments #2 (real-life)
                        (c) Graphing Website Activity  
           b. NGSS PROJECT
                i.  NGSS Project - Instructions
                ii.  NGSS Project - How to do a CER paragraph
                iii.  NGSS Project - The 7 Cross-Cutting Concepts (CCC's)
                iv.  NGSS Project - The 8 Science & Engineering Practices (SEP's)
                v.  NGSS Project - How to Argue from Evidence (AE)
                vi.  NGSS Project - AE Videos - student examples
           c. ARGUMENT PROJECT
                 i.  Argument Project Instructions
                 ii.  Argument Project Form
                 iii.  Argument Project topic ideas
                 iv.  Argument Project - list of linking words
                  v.  Argument Project - ideas for introducing a quote
                 vi.  Argument Project - Paragraph Organizer Worksheet ("POW")
                 vii.  An example of a good topic for the Argument Project

    2.  Sub-Sciences Projects:

           a.  The Chapter Book Project Instructions   
           b.  The NGO-GO Project Instructions
           c.  The Slideshow Project instructions 
           d.  Vocabulary Project for courses without textbooks
    3.  All Courses Project:

           a.  The Course Final Project:  Digital Portfolio Instructions

C.  Lab Instructions
  1. Instructions for Lab Write-Ups
  2. Help for Lab Write-Ups
  3. Lab Safety Contract
  4. Lab Safety Rules 
  5. Lab Safety Symbols
  6. First 30min. of Supervised Labs
  7. 2018/2019 LAB ROSTER and DATES

Slideshow - Science Lab

D. Required-Sciences 
  1. Environmental Conservation & Restoration online "book"
            a.  Unit 1
                    i.  diagrams
            b.  Unit 2
                    i.  diagrams
            c.  Unit 3
                    i.  diagrams
            d.  Unit 4
                    i.  diagrams
            e.  Unit 5
                    i.  diagrams
            f.   Unit 6
                    i.  diagrams
            g.  Unit 7
                    i.  diagrams
            h.  End-of-Course Vocabulary Test 
       4,  Lab Unit TESTS for HS college prep & JrHi advanced:
             a.  Biology
             b.  Earth Science
             c.  Physics 
             d.  Chemistry
             e.  Science Basics   

      5.  Course Outlines:
             a.  general Biology
             b.  prep Biology
             c.  general Physical Science
             d.  prep Physical Science
             e.  Science 8
              f.  Science 7
E.  Sub-Sciences Course Outlines 
  • Nature:
F.  Links used for Science Labs   

G.  Goal Setting
H.  Community Service

J.  My 10 Year Plan
K.  Outside Work Experience, "OWE"

L.  Physical Education, "P.E."

PE slideshow

O.  Signatures Form for Supervised Work  (primarily used by students working for
                                                                   the VOS Community Service Award and for
                                                                   students doing field work for the Sub-Sciences
                                                                   classes or for Study Skills or for Life Skills)
P.  Course Outline for STUDY SKILLS course

Q. Course Outine for SPORTS course

Examples of Student Work to Reference:
  1. Outlines
  2. Argument Projects
  3. Science Fair Projects
    • see the slideshows above
    • older projects that went to the county science fair
    • SFP warm up: GWA
  4. Research Notes
  5. NGG Projects
  6. Lab Write-Ups
  7. The Weekly Work
  8. Pre-Semester Final 
  9. Semester Final
  10. Color Plates


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The 2017 V.O.S. Virtual Science Fair




                         By Park Ranger - Cascades Butterfly Project Team, CC BY 2.0,           

   wolf training center in Austria

Scientists Use Marine Robots to Detect Endangered Whales

Slideshow - Field Trips