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Student Expectations

Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year!  San Antonio affords a second chance for many of our students to graduate in a timely manner.  To accomplish this, we expect students to understand their academic responsibilities which include consistent attendance, conscientious participation in their learning, appropriate dress, and mature behavior.



Staff expects that students coming to San Antonio will:

  • Be serious about reaching the goal of high school graduation.
  • Be respectful of staff, peers, and the school facility.
  • Follow all classroom norms, rules and expectations.
  • Attend school every day and be on time for classes. 
  • Dress appropriately for a mature working environment.

 San Antonio Classroom Norms

  • Students enter classroom on time, prepared for instruction.
  • Hats and head coverings are removed upon entering each classroom. 
  • All ear buds are out of ears and out of sight unless teachers give specific instructions that they are appropriate to use during work time.
  • Language is appropriate for work place – no profanities or inappropriate talk.  

Cell Phones/Electronic Devices

  • Cell phones and other devices are not to be used during class-time hours without teacher permission.
  • If a student needs to use phone in an emergency – they may request permission to come to office to use it.
  • First offense: the device will be confiscated for the remainder of the day.
  • Second offense: parents will be asked to retrieve confiscated phones or other electronic devices from the principal after school
  • Additional offense – school suspension for defiance of rules.


The school cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items.


San Antonio High School is a smoke free environment.  Students and adults are expected to refrain from smoking while in front of, behind, and/or on campus. 

  Visitors On SAHS’s Campus   *All visitors must check in at the Main Office.

  • Visitors are not allowed on campus during class hours. 
  • Parents or guardians who wish to visit the campus are welcome and may do so through prior arrangement with the Principal. 

SAHS Students Visiting Other Campuses

  • Students are not to visit any other school during class hours. 

 Petaluma City Schools Dress Code

Students will not be allowed in class or out on the school grounds if dressed inappropriately.  Such students will be asked to change or remove the clothing and may receive disciplinary consequences for repeated violations.  The Principal shall determine final judgment of appropriateness. 

 Revealing clothing (including apparel with exposed midriffs, strapless shoulders, halter tops, or low cut necklines) is not appropriate.

  • No inappropriate words, symbols, or pictures are permitted on clothing, hats, book bags, binders, or skin.  This includes items/words that are sexually provocative, culturally or racially insensitive, or those related to cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs.
  • For reasons of safety, shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Sunglasses may not be worn in the classroom.
  • Students may use the hoods of their sweatshirts or jackets ONLY when outdoors.
  • Anything, including, but not limited to jewelry, clothing, colors, numbers, tattoos, graffiti, nicknames, whistling, etc., that shows or denotes gang affiliation or membership is not allowed.
  • No posturing or intimidating behaviors, as determined by campus supervisors, are allowed.  This includes circling the campus in groups of any number.


 Students at San Antonio High School may participate in many activities that take place at Casa Grande and Petaluma High School including:

*Homecoming Dance

*Winter Dance


*Project Graduation

 To participate, you must be in good standings with SAHS.

 This means:

 * passing all classes with full credit

* above 90% attendance

* No suspensions and expulsions within 45 days of the event

* Written permission from the principals of both sites

 If you have, any questions please ask!