Petaluma High School Course Catalog

Mission Statement
The mission of Petaluma High School is to provide a student-centered academic and vocational curriculum that fosters responsibility, citizenship, communication, respect for others and for the world in which we live, and a lifelong interest in learning. The school will provide a safe and orderly learning environment with an exciting and challenging curriculum offering subjects that develop skills, thinking, and a commitment to learning. Essential to our program are a strong staff, administrative leadership, current textbooks, ipads for each student, sufficient materials and equipment, strong guidance/counseling services, regularly scheduled student activities, and a wide range of extracurricular programs, encouraging student participation. We will work to foster open communication among students, staff, and parents about the effectiveness of our program.

Graduation Requirements
 Each semester course earns 5 credits. A total of 220 credits 
are required for graduation.

ENGLISH: Four years (40 credits)
Ten credits earned each year

MATH: Two years (20 credits)
These must be selected from Math Department courses only. Math 1 is the minimum level that students must pass.

SCIENCE: Two years (20 credits)
Physical Science is taken in ninth grade followed by Biology or Chemistry in the tenth grade.

MATH/SCIENCE RELATED: One year (10 credits)
Course may be selected from the Math or Science departments or from Accounting, Intro to Engineering, Construction, Auto, Man Tech Metals, Ag Mechanics, Ag Welding, Vet Medicine, or Wildlife Management.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Two years (20 credits)
One year is required in ninth grade and one year is generally completed in 10th grade.

SOCIAL SCIENCE: Three years (30 credits)
World History is taken in tenth grade, US History is taken in 
11th grade, Government/Economics is taken in 12th grade.

One year (10 credits)
Student may select a World Language, Art, Drama, second year Metalworking, Architectural Design, Photography, Film Making, Yearbook, Graphic Design, 3D Animation, Chamber Choir, or Band.

HUMAN INTERACTION: One semester (5 credits)
This course is taken the the ninth grade.

ELECTIVES: (65 credits)
These may be selected from other courses of your choice.

Policy On Changing Schedules
A student may request to change his or her schedule within the first two weeks of the semester if there is room in the new class. Requests should be made to the Counselor. After the sixth week of the semester students dropping a course will receive a Withdrawal - F grade.

Academic Eligibility
Incoming ninth grade students are eligible to participate in extra-curricular activities during the first grading period if they have a 2.0 GPA from a junior high. Continued eligibility is determined at the end of each grading period. A student must have a 2.0 GPA to be eligible for activities for the next grading period.

 9th Grade Requirements
All students must take 6 classes. 9th grade students may 
request an additional zero period class.

     ENGLISH                              SCIENCE  
     English 9                               Physical Science           
     Honors English 9                    Ag Earth Science   
     ELD 4                                    Biology  
                                                  Honors Biology    
     Math 1                                   HUMAN INTERACTION/   
     Math 2                                   INTRO TO BUSINESS
     See offerings in the course      Physical Education 9
     descriptions sections
                    10th Grade Requirements
All students must take 6 classes. 10th grade students may 
request an additional zero period class.

     ENGLISH                              SCIENCE  
     English 10                             Biology           
     Honors English 10                  Ag Biology   
     ELD 4                                   Honors Biology  
     MATH                                   Ag & Soils Chemistry 
     Math 2                                  Honors Chemistry
     Math 3
     Math Analysis Honors/           SOCIAL SCIENCE
     Trigonometry                         World History
                                                 AP World History

     Physical Education 10            See offerings in the course 
     Strength and Conditioning       description section

Honors and Advanced Placement
The Honors and Advanced Placement Program is the result of the school's commitment to strong academic standards. This program enhances the quality of the curriculum and allows faculty to teach demanding courses to capable, highly motivated students.
Honors/AP courses make substantial academic demands on students that will require considerable outside reading and other assignments. Students taking two or three Honors/AP classes 
may need to reduce extracurricular activities in order to maintain 
a successful level of achievement. In these courses students 
must demonstrate intellectual and analytical skills, writing ability, and self discipline. Grades in Honors/AP courses are weighted 
with the exception of Honors English 9 & 10, and Honors Biology. Courses are offered in English, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Science, Art, and World Languages.

PHS has an open access policy for Honors/AP classes and encourages students to make the choice with full understanding that it may not be possible to change your selection once made.
Be sure to attend all informational meetings when making your decision. 

College Entrance Requirements
The University of California and the California State Universities only accept the certified college preparatory academic courses to meet their entrance requirements. These courses are indicated in the catalog by a P preceding the title. Course descriptions will also indicate which subject area is met for UC/CSU approval. Students taking college preparatory courses will be expected to maintain a grade of C or better in order to continue course work at the next college preparatory level.

                       University of Califiornia (UC)                                     California State University (CSU)

a. History/Social Science: Two years required. One year of United States History, one year of World History/Geography.


b. English Compostition/Literature: Four years required that include frequent regular writing and reading of classic and modern literature, poetry, and drama. Maximum of one year in the 9th grade allowed. 

c. Mathematics: Three years of mathematics required, four recommended. For class of 2020 and beyond Math 1, Math 2, Math 3, required. Math Analysis Honors is recommended. For earlier classes Algebra, Geometry, and Intermediate Algebra required. Math Analysis Honors is recommended.  

d. Laboratory Science: Two years required, three recommended. CSU requires on lab physical science and one lab life science. CSU will accept 9th grade physical science and 10th grade biology. UC requires 2 of the following: Biology Chemistry, Physics.

e. World Language: Two years of world language required; three recommended                                                                            

f. Visual and Performing Arts: One year of a class in either dance, drama/theater, music or visual arts. 

g. College Preparatory elective course: one year from one of the a-f subject areas or approved g courses. 

The grades you earn in the a – g subjects taken in the tenth and eleventh grades are the grades the colleges will use to  calculate your grade point average for admission. It will take 15 units of high school work to fulfill the Subject Requirements. At least 7 of the 15 units must have been earned in courses taken during the last two years of high school. SAT Reasoning or ACT are required for admission to a UC or CSU. SAT subject tests may be required for specific majors.  The Counseling Office has test dates and registration material.             


11th Grade Requirements
All students must take 6 classes. 11th grades students may request an additional zero period class for a 7 period day or a minimum day in conjunction with a zero period for an off period.

    ENGLISH                                 SOCIAL SCIENCE
    American Literature                    US History
    AP English Language                 AP US History
    ELD 4
    MATH/RELATED AREA             See offerings in the course
    Math 2                                      description sections 
    Math Analysis Honors
    AP Statistics                            SCIENCE/RELATED AREA          Business Math                          Chemistry
    Accounting                                Ag & Soils Chemistry 
    Metal                                        Honors Chemistry
    Construction Tech                      AP Physics 
    Ag Mechanics                            Marine Science
    Ag Welding                                Anatomy & Physiology
    Auto                                          AP Environmental Science
    Intro to Engineering                    Ag & Natural Resources
    Intro to Computer Science          Wildlife Management
    AP Computer Science                Veterinary Science                  
12th Grade Requirements
12th grade students must take no less than 5 classes. This can 
be combined with a zero period and minimum days.

    ENGLISH                                 SOCIAL SCIENCE
    ERWC                                      Government
    (Expository Reading & Writing)   AP Government
    AP English Literature                 Economics
    ELD 4                                       AP Economics
                                                    Ag Gov/Econ
 Academic Recognition
Petaluma High School Honor Roll: 
students must have earn a 3.0 GPA with no D's or F's
California Scholarship Federation (CSF):
students may apply to CSF at the semester. Please contact Mrs. Granger for qualifying classes and entrance requirements
Top Ten:
Ranking is based on grades for 200 credits earned through the first semester of senior year. The rating system is on a 4-point scale except  for Honors/AP courses (with the exception of Honors English 9 & 10, and Honors Biology) which will be on a 5-point scale. The Top Ten ranking in lower grades will follow the same system as for grade 12, but will be based on 90 credits for grade 
10 and 150 credits for grade 11. Based on the 200 units calculated. grades of B or lower will be included. Refer to School Board Policy 5121 for more information.