Keys to Success in All of my Classes:
  • Ask Questions
  • Work in Teams and Help Each Other
  • Stay Focused
  • Do Your Homework
  • Have Fun!!an

Student Advice: Here's what students are saying:

"Try on the homework even if you don't get it. Show your work and turn it in to get credit."

"If you have a problem, talk to Mrs. Fitch. She is so nice and will help you."

"If I could start over I would get help when I was confused."

"Keep a good Toolkit. It will help you."

"To Keep Mrs. Fitch happy, bring chocolate."
Welcome to my webpage for 2015-2016. Please use this site to track homework and projects for your classes, as well as links you will need to access materials throughout the year.  You can find me in C9 or can email me any questions you have at dfitch@petk12.org.  
" Based on the results, you get exactly what you intend."

Petaluma High School Calendar

  •  work with others.

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