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Welcome to 8th Grade Physical Education

Pre-Physical Education

The first Unit is when we get to know each other and learn how to be successful. Starting with the basics of class rules and expectations and moving on to learning about our classmates and how we can all work together.

8th Grade physical education is about, "Working as a team to solve problems." Competition and sports skills are also introduced. For everyone to be successful in working and competing it is important to build good team skills in the beginning of the year. As in real life, we don't often get to pick our co-workers but, we must be able to achieve with them. To begin with, we are playing a few name games that will be fun and help everyone to get to better know their classmates.

We also learn about Physical Fitness. Why it is important and what we need to do to stay healthy. In my class we talk about two types of fitness. Athletic fitness or performance related fitness and Being a Healthy Happy Human being.   Everyone will be given the opportunity to challenge themselves to improve throughout the year.

Running and Cardiovascular fitness is an important component at PJHS. We will start out at an easy level and progress throughout the year. We will be working on ways in which everyone will be successful in improving their fitness level. Check the Tips for Success for updates and clues on keeping yourself improving.

Notebooks are an important part of the 8th grade physical education class. We use them most every day. One of our first homework assignments is to set them up correctly. Part of the daily grade is having your correct PE notebook. Check the Class News for more details.

iPads will be used to create a visual guide to your 8th grade PE experience. We will be able to: create projects based on the fitness activities, Document our skill development, and keep a record of our progress.

Along with the beginning instruction and class procedures we are participating in pre- physical fitness testing. These scores will help us to set goals and determine our strengths and where we need to put a little more effort. Our first test is the Pacer or beep test in the Gym. We will then move on to the Push-up and Curl-up tests. We will be measuring height and weight as well as asking for 7th grade and 8th grade pictures for our portfolios.

I know everyone is looking forward to the first mile test of the year. Are you stronger than last year? Did all those video games over the summer have an effect? Check back soon for the results and where we are going next.