Lunch Time on the Blacktop
If it is raining then the blacktop will be closed!
Remember to be respectful and have fun.
Properly return the equipment to the rack when you are done or when I blow the whistle.

Rules to follow:
1)  No food out on the blacktop!
2) Leave your backpacks by the fence and do not block the gateway.
3) Return equipment to the ball rack when you are done.
4) All Basketballs are numbered and are to be used on the half court that has the same number.
5) Everyone is to be playing, no standing around and watching.

Basketball games:
Each pole has a number on it. There are three baskets that do not get used, because of a thorny weed called a goat-head. They will make the balls go flat. The three baskets are located at the edge of the blacktop and the field ( near cyclone fence ). 
1) No more than 10 players
2) No subs
3) No more than 2 basketballs per basket.
4) If playing thunder use ball 14 or 15 as the extra ball.

Football Games
1) No more than 14 players per game.
2) Two hand tag only
3) No Tackle! If you do you will be sent back to the quad.

Soccer Games
1) No more than 16 players per game. No subs!
2) Do not hang on the goals or nets! I will kick you off the field and blacktop.
3) No SLIDE TACKLING! If this continues then I will be forced to stop letting any soccer be played.