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Supported by funds from the PG&E Bright Ideas Grant and the Friends of Penngrove PTA

March 11
Day Three of the Spring Garden Program
A Super Rainy Day! 

12 February
Day One of the Spring Garden Program

23 October
Day Four of the Fall Garden Program

Mrs. Sposato's second graders planted seed ball in the wonderful Nourishmats donated by Hydrofarm.  Kale, arugula, lettuce and radishes are the first up.  

Third graders from room 7 reclaimed the space in front of their galvanized planters and pruned the passion vine away from their bench.  They planted fava beans and a native milkweed to replenish the soil and feed Monarch caterpillars next spring. 

Sixth graders cleared more of the summer debris away and set up a leaf basket.  Raking time is coming. 

17 October
Day Three of Fall Garden Program

18 September

Day Two of Fall Garden Program

Kindergarteners from Room 9 planted kale "Vitamin A!", kale "Vitamin C!", KALE!  as well as carrot, lettuce and pea seeds.  

First graders' lettuce seeds have begun to sprout since they planted them two weeks ago.

Monty led a handful of first graders down to Room 7 where they cleaned out  the planters of summer plants in preparation for a fall garden or winter cover crops.  They retrieved some herbs including mint, which fourth graders later potted up.   They planted the thyme along with onion, sage and garlic are in what is now designated as an herb bed.  

11 September

Excellent showing at the Heirloom Exposition!

The Penngrove Garden and Environmental Program exhibit acquitted itself well.  Exhibits were not judged against each other and there were several first, second and third place prizes awarded.  Judges were looking for breadth in the program, student involvement, well-developed produce and student-made art projects.   Our exhibit received a red Second Place ribbon when judged against that standard.    

Also awarded two seconds and a third: pumpkins planted by last year's second, fourth and fifth-grade students. 

7 September
National Heirloom Exposition Entries
Ms. Maloney and I set up the Penngrove Elementary School exhibit table at the National Heirloom Exposition today.  The corn shock that the fifth graders picked has beautiful red ears that stand out against the leaves.  The Mini Jacks that the first graders grew look nice with a huge sunflower head.  All the flowers were grown at school in different areas.   And the bunching onions from in front of Room 7 announce themselves in a very aromatic way.  
Photographs on the bulletin board were taken almost exclusively by student photographers.  

We dropped off the entries for the pumpkin contest.  Good luck grades 3, 5, and 6.

4 September
Our 2015-2016 program began today!  

Kindergarten students from Room 8  dug up last year's potatoes (they were a bit withered from the summer in the dry beds) and planted lettuce seeds for the fall season.   We picked the amazing pumpkin that had grown in the K yard from a vine Ms. Sposato's class planted the year before. 

First graders from Room 10 AND 11 weeded and dug last year's beds ( and found a few carrots!).  

They were excited to harvest the dried pea pods from ROOM 13's snap peas vines and ROOM 4's dried sunflower heads.  They planted a couple of rows of lettuce seeds.  We picked the large orange pumpkin that they had planted with their fourth-grade buddies last year. 

Room 17 fifth graders carefully collected last summer's corn stalks for the Heirloom Exposition display.  Others moved mulch and made sunflower seed packets.  

Third graders from Room  6 made packets of sunflower seeds and repotted Queen's Tears (Bilbergia Nutans) with Ms. Boronkay.   

Room 14's fifth graders made more ready space for planting and watered everything better than it's been watered for weeks!  Between taking pictures and making friends with lizards they planted lettuce and carrot rows for the fall season.  

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Monty Sullivan

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Monty Sullivan

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