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Behavior Guidelines



Students who follow directions, look and sound engaged in their learning, and turn in assignments regularly can earn 25% of their total grade and credits for simple class participation and engagement. Think of that as the first 2 of the 5 credits you need for a course each semester. All you have to do is look and act like someone who cares about learning and being responsible.

Class participation points are based on working for the entire class time. Leaving your seat or stopping working reduces those points dramatically. Students who work quietly earn points every day for class participation.

Follow the guidelines listed below to earn full participation points:
  • Punctual students who have all required materials and books will earn participation points every day. All tardies and absences affect your participation grade. 
  • Go to your cubby before or after class if necessary. Book/Materials tardies are added to makeup time. 
  • Use the materials and equipment that we provide wisely. Do not abuse or misuse them. 
  • Ask permission to leave the room. Don’t go often, especially during lectures or directions. 
  • Have meals in the kitchen outside of class time. 
  • Only bottles with caps in class. No dishes or glasses. 
  • Push in your chair and clean up any mess before you leave the class. 
  • Follow cell phone and dress code guidelines 
  • Refrain from using profanity to avoid losing points.


Appropriate attire contributes to a positive learning and working environment. Standards are routinely established at school and at work. We appreciate cooperation from each family in helping to maintain appropriate standards of appearance.

The following guidelines apply whenever students are at school or a school activity:

Any extremely tight or revealing clothing (including apparel with exposed midriffs, strapless shoulders, halter tops or low cut necklines) is not appropriate. Undergarments must not be visible.

Inappropriate words, symbols, or pictures are not permitted on clothing, hats, book bags, binders, or skin. This includes items/words that are obscene, profane, pornographic, disparaging or demeaning to others (i.e. racial, religious, sexist, or ethnic slurs; sexual innuendo)

Inappropriate words, symbols, or pictures advocating pain, death, violence, suicide or the use of drugs/alcohol. Symbols or words depicting cigarettes, beer, marijuana, etc. are not permitted.

For reasons of safely, shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Hats and Sunglasses may not be worn in the classroom. 
  • Students may use the hoods on their clothes only when outdoors. 
  • Clothing that creates a sense of intimidation or is gang or cult-affiliated is not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to, oversized and sagging pants, hanging belts, chains, and gang-related initials or symbols. 
  • Pajamas and slippers are not appropriate attire for school. 
  • Pants must be worn at the waist, not sagging. Pants should fit the student, and may not be extremely tight or loose. 
Students who fail to follow guidelines will be asked to: 
  • Change their clothing 
  • Cover inappropriate clothing 
  • Stay inside where they are observable 
Repeated infractions may lead to being sent home. 

Multiple infractions are considered defiance and may lead to a change of site.