Sumi-e in Japanese means black ink painting, it is an ancient method used by the Zen monks as tool for improving concentration and experiencing the moment. The brush strokes are rhythmically repeated following the flow of the breath. This enhances a state of concentration and attention typical in meditation.

Sumi-e is a very powerful tool for healing and self-centring, it is a traditional method, which harmonizes the posture and the breath with the brush strokes. Body and mind are involved in the process of painting, allowing deepening into oneself and exploring inner resources.

The subjects are related to nature and are painted by using black ink and all its shades. The bamboo is the basic and main subject.

This way of painting coming from Japan, inspired during the history many western artists coming from different backgrounds and still
now a days it appear to be a really contemporary kind of art. Since it touches on our interiority, it can be seen as a kind of art which goes beyond time.

2 days workshop

Sat 6th & Sun 7th December 2014
Saturday: 10:15 am -  5:15 pm and Sunday: 9:15 am - 12:45 pm

> 1 single class € 48 > 2 classes € 90 
cost includes materials 

Book soon, places are limited!
Location: Studio Le Petit Port Herenstraat 9 / 9A, Leiden.

Info and reservation: 06 292 58 692

Valeria Viscardi is a professional artist, she has been trained in Sumi-e by the zen monk Mokuza. She lives in Amsterdam and her workshops are commissioned from cultural 
centres and festivals in Amsterdam and other cities in Holland and abroad. She practices zen meditation which gives a great support to her work and she continues to paint and practising the four main subjects of Sumi-e, the so called 'four gentlemen' (bamboo, orchid, plum and chrysanthemum).


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