Peter Merckx Education Quality assurance expert , Bweducconsult

My career started as a primary school teacher in Belgian International Schools in Burundi and Congo, where I was the pioneer of introducing students’ centered Active Teaching & Learning (ATL) methodologies. 

After my teaching career, I started working as an education advisor for the VVOB, Flemish cooperation. I worked as an education expert in education programs in Congo, France, Holland, Zambia and Cambodia.

Since I finished the long term assignments in 1999, I started my consultancy office (Bweducconsult) and built up a network in the consultancy world.

Countries  with experience

MEDA: Algeria, Morocco, Lebanon, Jordan, Sahrawi
Africa:  Sierra Leona, Mali, Chad, Kenya, Guinea, Ethiopia, Zambia, Burundi, Congo, Zaire, Liberia, Zimbabwe, Niger, Botswana, Madagascar,Malawi,Comores
Eastern countries: Armenia, Kyrgyz Republic, Tibet, China, Cambodia, Nepal
Caribbean : Haiti
Europe: Belgium, Holland, Germany, France, Turkey
Pacific: Kiribati