I look forward to teaching your child this year in 8th grade math. Hopefully this website will be a great tool for both parents, students, and teachers. Here is what you will find on this site:

Contact Me:

email: nikki.robinson@petalschools.com

phone: (601) 584-6301

The best way to contact me is through email. You will receive a quicker response by using this method

I will be pursuing my National Boards this year. I will be sending home a permission form for parents to sign. This form allows students to be in a video that will be turned into a committee. Students will remain anonymous; no information about the student (name, grades, etc.) will be turned into the committee.

Click here to access Get More Math.

I use Google Classroom on a daily basis for student's work. Below are the codes for each block. Parents can also sign up to be able to see student's progress on assignments via guardian summaries.

1st Block (1st/2nd Period): a0iy34

2nd Block (3rd/4th Period): pwj6qx

3rd Block (7th/8th Period): yov0pkn

Each unit also has assignments on Khan Academy. Below are the codes for each block.

1st Block (1st/2nd Period): UYWW8Y

2nd Block (3rd/4th Period): R9UXYA

3rd Block (7th/8th Period): GBU2R4

Be sure to join the 8th grade announcements Google Classroom! The code is vlt9xmb.