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PESSTO: Public ESO Spectroscopic Survey for Transient Objects

PI: S. Smartt (Queen's University Belfast). Information and list of member institutes  on :

All details of PESSTO data products here : 

PESSTO: survey description and products from the first data release by the Public ESO Spectroscopic Survey of Transient Objects : Smartt et al. 2015, A&A, 579, 40

Download the full first year spectroscopic data release from ESO (Phase 3 data products). Instructions here.

Important operational Information and links

PESSTO night reports : linked from here 

PESSTO data reduction pipeline : linked from here

Info for observers to trigger LCOGT photometry : See here for all info. 

PESSTO Marshall : link here (internal only)

For object PIs - please update the marshall at least 24hrs before the request for your follow-up targets and OB requests. Please also ensure you have provided an EFOSC2 finder for the observers 

Upcoming meetings 

ePESSTO Kick-off Meeting I  Monday March 6th - Tuesday March 7th 2017 

Recent meetings
PESSTO Meeting X @ Southampton Tuesday 26th - Wednesday 27th January 2016
Paris PESSTO meeting IX Monday 15th June (noon) -  Wednesday 17th June (afternoon) 2015 at the IAP Paris 
Cambridge PESSTO Meeting VIII Monday 2nd Feb - Wednesday 4th Feb 2015
Belfast PESSTO Meeting VII  Thursday 19th June - Friday 20th June 2014