Annual Data Collections / Reports - Documentation and Support Resources 

Data Manuals and Reports

Annual Data Collection Cycle

Visit Annual Cycle for Creation / Approval of Data Manuals page for description of PESB annual data collection cycle timelines and process expectations.

In development

Data collections in development include the Faculty Demographics table. At its May 2015 meeting, the Board directed staff to create this collection. At its May 2016, the Board will determine whether to implement the collection beginning Fall 2016.

Data Manual Documentation

Link to PESB Data Manuals

The page includes a link to the archive of previous years' data manual and report guidance documentation.

See also Data Administrator Announcements page for technical changes / updates.

Annual Report Documentation

Enrollment Report for 2015 (download.pdf; download.docx) - UPDATED 12/16/2015

Data Administrators requested the Enrollment Report be reinstated to prepopulate the 2016 IPRC. The data submitted by programs to the Upload Program Data Tool by 1/11/2016 will be batch uploaded to Title II.

Upload Program Data Tool

  • The Upload Program Data Tool is available for uploading Fall 2015 reports.

2015 Fall Report Guidance (download .pdfdownload .docx) - UPDATED 10/15/2015 - change only to CTEB&I program EndorsementCodeTypes (see document Revision History)

Annual Report Supporting Documents

Includes assessment report data dictionaries and sample files (if available), data tables used in B reports, etc.

Files used for Field Experience availability

  • Diversity file and Report B1 update is on hold until the diversity data becomes available. PESB will notify data administrators via email, announcements, and this site.
  • Placement report is available on Annual Report Supporting Documents page.

Data Displays for Review

PESB Annual Report

Have questions about the report data submitted? Check the Reporting Progress page.

Find an error in your program's report? Update the corrected data by resubmitting an entire report, e.g. B3, D1, using the Upload Program Data Tool application.

Data from the annual reports are included in the PESB Data and Research site.

Anomaly Reports

Programs are encouraged to review this data for anomalies - is there an explanation for them? - and make corrections and resubmit reports if any are discovered. Anomalies might include

    • spikes (either up or down) in data year to year
    • data values that are outliers in a particular data set
    • data that is dramatically different from peer institutions


Meetings and Communications Information  

This page connects to information updating data project documentation, meeting schedules, and  other communications related to data collection and reporting.

Summary of Data Systems Interviews 

This page contains ideas and feedback for programs reviewing and revising their data systems from their professional peers. From September 19, 2014, presentation to PESB at their regular meeting.

Technical Assistance

Data Collections / Report Technical Assistance 

This page describes data collection and reporting technical assistance resources.    

Program faculty and staff with questions about the annual data collection and reporting cycle should direct those questions to Data Administrators for their program. 

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