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    Annual Data Collections / Reports

    Current Collections and Reports

    2013-2014 Data Manuals

    Programs began collecting data for the elements contained in these data manuals beginning September 1, 2013. 

    Download data manuals from PESB Data Manuals webpage (updated 12/10/13).
    See also Frequently Asked Data Questions for technical changes / updates.

    Supporting Documents

    For documents to support Data Administrator work all in a single page.

    CTE B&I Programs

    Documents for reporting on the CTE B&I Annual Reporting page.

    2013 Annual Reports

    Annual reports were due November 1, 2013. The details for preparing, submitting, and viewing the data from these reports follows.

    2013 Report Guidance - select link to download documents

    For report preparation questions, please:
      • (update 3/6/14) REPORT D1: Please rename element TestCompany to TestCompanyCode. This technical change maintains a consistency of element names within the data. In addition to making that change in your copy of the 2013 Report Guidance, the change will be made to the State Assessments Data Manual, and / or
      • contact or 360.725.6327.

    Report Data Upload Application -  select link to upload corrected reports and Report E) Working in Washington (due 2/15/14).

    Check the data from the report uploads on Annual Reporting - Progress.