Program Review

All educator preparation programs leading to Washington certification must be approved by the Professional Educator Standards Board according to WAC Chapter 181.78A. Program review is on a 5-year cycle, 7 years if conducted as a concurrent visit with NCATE (CAEP).

Program Approval Standards are reviewed by a stakeholder group every 5 years, then approved by the Professional Educator Standards Board.

Program Review Rubrics are the instruments the site teams use to review the evidence provided by the program, also reviewed every 5 years.

PESB Moodle Site:  A self-contained planning site with templates and tools becomes available to faculty and staff in the year prior to the visit.

PESB Liaison is named to guide the program through the site review process and may position technical support as needed.

Following full approval, reapproval is subject to PESB decision after reviewing the reports and recommendations submitted by the program review team's site visit. The Board determines which of the Program Approval Options will be conferred to the program.  

Std. 3 Tables for IRs (required beginning in fall 2015)

In order to help programs provide clear information for Standard 3 during a site review, four spreadsheets will need to be completed as part of the Institutional Report (IR). These tables will provide clarity for site team members on which programs and endorsements are offered, as well as faculty/staff qualifications. These tables are a stopgap measure until Standard 3 is updated and indicators are developed following the 2016-2017 Standard 3 review. The spreadsheets are not tied to any data manual collection. As such, the program support team is the contact for any questions regarding the tables; neither the programs’ data administrators nor Cheryl Ricevuto at PESB will oversee these spreadsheets. These table will be required beginning with the fall 2015 site visits. As these tables are due at the time of an IR submission (every 5 or 7 years), they will not have an annual completion requirement. These tables are based on those developed by CAEP, so NCATE and TEAC accredited programs will note many similarities. PESB will accept the CAEP version of the tables from programs with CAEP, NCATE, or TEAC accreditation. To download the tables, click on file then choose download.

Site Visit Calendar 

Site Team Membership

Conflict of Interest

Recommended Evidence for Site Visits

Site Visit Schedule Preparation Tips

Sample Site Visit Schedule

Post Site Visit Processes:  Institutional Reply and 12 Month Follow-up Report procedures.

NOTE: The university certification officer is the party responsible for managing all certification requirements. Site review and program approval are separate processes from certification file reviews