A PESB-approved educator preparation programs, in compliance with the provisions of WAC 181-78A-250, must establish and maintain a Professional Education Advisory Board to participate in and cooperate with the program on decisions related to the development, implementation, and revision of each preparation program -- i.e., teacher, administrator, school counselor, and school psychologist.

PEAB Annual Reporting

For 2014-15 academic year PEABs and/or PEAB Administrators will submit 2 separate brief reports. Reporting instructions for each are found on the PEAB Reporting page.

2015 PEAB Reports
  1. Standard 1 Annual Report: P1 Meeting Table and P2 Recommendation Table -- send these as a comma separated value (.csv) tables to institution's Data Administrator. DUE September 15, 2015
  2. PEAB Information Form: year-end PEAB Fund balance and contact information 

The PEAB Information Form must be completed before allotments can be authorized and distributed in the fall.

Standard 1 Indicators Rubric



Program/PEAB Administrators Handbook  -updated August 2015  

New Member Handbook -updated August 2015


Filling PEAB Member Vacancies

Forms and Instructions for Substitute Reimbursements

Substitute Reimbursement instructions: 
(Open file and click "File" and then "Download" (as a Word document) to use the forms)

Form 605 Authorization for Substitute Reimbursement

Form 720 Substitute Reimbursement Invoice Voucher

PEAB Meeting Sign-in Sheet


State Per Diem Maps

Contact: Brendan O'Connor brendan.oconnor@k12.wa.us or 360-725-6323