Adding New Programs

Please note: This page pertains to educational institutions. If you are an individual seeking an endorsement or an alternate route to certification, please contact the university offering the opportunity directly. See the Approved Teaching Programs page for listing.

Programs leading to Washington certification must be approved by the PESB as defined in WAC 181-78A-105.

To request PESB program approval, please review the process and materials for the type of program to be added.

Select the type of program to be added:

  • Endorsement(s) (The approval forms are currently being revised. Please contact Patty Finnegan if you wish to submit a proposal for a new endorsement program.)

Need additional assistance?

  • For programs already assigned a PESB liaison, please contact her / him for assistance.
  • For programs not currently assigned a PESB liaison, please contact Coleen Putaansuu for further assistance.