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Road Map to Career Long Path

This is the road map to career long path. There are several digital presentations with video embedded to help teachers understand the road map to their credentialing path.  

Professional Certification

The professional certificate is the second-tier professional license. To earn a professional certificate, Teachers, Administrators and Educational Staff Associates must demonstrate a positive impact on student learning. The professional certificate standards and criteria for all roles are fully aligned with Washington’s expectations for K-12 student learning expectations. 

You can use your ProTeach scores to guide and inform your Professional Growth Plans (PGPs) for Certification Renewal. WA ProTeach Score Report Sample .

Add an Endorsement

There are multiple ways to add an endorsement to your teaching certificate in Washington State, including completing an endorsement program, earning National Board Certification or a Pathway 1 or 2 program. To learn more about all your options visit the OSPI Certification Department website.

Educator Retooling Schoolarship Program

The Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) may have have scholarships available for teachers to add an endorsement through the Retooling program.

Certification Renewal Requirements

Certification renewal requirements have changed. The Professional Growth Plans PGPs webpage has all relevant information and links about the changes.

Out of State Programs

Individuals who complete an out of state preparation program may apply for a Washington state certificate via reciprocity. The program must be regionally accredited and state approved. National accreditation is not required. Individuals whose preparation was in another country may be able to apply for a Washington certificate based on a transcript review. Out of state educators are responsible for meeting all Washington testing requirements for the certificate.

Become a PESB Member

The Professional Educator Standards Board consists of twelve-members appointed by the Governor, the majority of whom are practicing educators. If you are interested in serving on the PESB, complete the application found on the Governor's Boards and Commissions website.

Mentor Teacher Information

The Professional Educator Standards Board's value for the mentoring of all educators in the clinical practice portion of their preparation is reflected in the standards for program design. For resources and further information for mentor teachers click here:  Mentor Information