For Districts and ESDs 

PESB Guidance to Districts regarding the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

OSPI Guidance on ESSA and the Discontinuation of the Highly Qualified Teacher Requirements of NCLB

PESB Assignment Policy

PESB Assignment Policy (WAC 181-82) provides for reports on students in courses taught by teachers with matching or nonmatching endorsements. PESB provides guidance for districts on what the most appropriate endorsement is for each course in the WA state course code, as reported in CEDARS. The two links at the top of the page provide instant access to applications that display 1) the courses, endorsements and certification number lookup for matches, and 2) the district and school level reports for the current makeup of courses, students and matching endorsements.

PESB no longer issues waivers or requires district reporting on out-of-endorsement waivers. Local school boards must still approve non-matching teacher assignments, and provide for support of the teacher being assigned out-of-endorsement.

By 2017, the PESB will create performance targets for districts and report on progress by districts, annually.
The applications cover high schools only for the 2014-15 school year.

    Out-of-Endorsement and Assignment

    Districts needing to assign teachers out-of-endorsement can receive guidance by calling PESB. Districts can also use this tool to match course codes and endorsements. PESB also offers a tool related to ESA hiring

    Adding an Endorsement

    There are multiple ways to add an endorsement to your teaching certificate in Washington State, including completing an endorsement program, earning National Board Certification or a Pathway 1 or 2 program.  To learn more about all your options visit the OSPI Certification Department website at

    See Washington approved endorsement programs for a list by subject and contact information.

    If you are adding a shortage area endorsement, you may be interested in the Educator Retooling Program funding support.

    Professional Certification

    The Professional Certificate is designed to help educators demonstrate they have a positive impact on student learning. It is an individualized, classroom-based process that focuses on increased skills to impact student learning rather than credits. The certificate is  fully aligned with Washington’s expectations for K-12 student learning expectations.

    Educator Retooling Conditional Loan Scholarship Program

    The Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) has funding available through the Educator Retooling Program to support Washington certified teachers to add endorsements in subject or geographic shortage areas.

    Programs for Prospective Educators

    The PESB supports  recruitment efforts by providing programs that focus on recruitment in shortage areas including Alternative Routes to Certification, Paraprofessional Pipeline, and Recruiting Washington Teachers.

    Certification Renewal Requirements

    Certification renewal requirements have changed. The Professional Growth Plans PGPs webpage has all relevant information and links.

    Assessment Equivalents

    In September 2015, the PESB determined additional content assessments that will meet the requirements for the WEST E/NES. Here is the table of those assessments: Assessment Equivalent