Washington Educator Skills Test Endorsement (WEST-E)

WEST-E: The Professional Educator Standards Board implemented the content knowledge test requirement for candidates applying for endorsements on the residency certificate on September 1, 2005. Initially, the Praxis II series tests, administered by Educational Testing Services (ETS), were selected to fulfill the requirement but the Praxis II no longer fulfills this requirement.  (RCW 28A.410.220)
WEST-E Extension:  Candidates who are prepared and/or certified out-of-state applying for a Washington State residency or professional teaching certificate have up to one calendar year from issuance of the temporary permit to pass the WEST-E subject knowledge test(s). 
WEST-E Exemption:  Individuals who hold a certificate through the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) are exempt from the WEST-E requirement if there is a direct equivalency between the endorsements sought and the national board certificate. 

Beginning September 3, 2014, a selected group of WEST-E exams will no longer be administered and the National Evaluation Series (NES) will replace the WEST-E. Other endorsements will transition from the WEST-E to the NES. For more information; visit NES transition.