Parents and Students,

Welcome to the start of another great year at Peru Catholic School!  It is my goal to instill a knowledge of science within the student  that prepares them to be successful in high school and beyond. In order to accomplish this, it is essential that the students contribute to the learning process.  I ask that each student exercise the following homework and behavior practices in class:

  • Be On Time - Students should be in their seats and ready to go when the bell rings.

  • Be Prepared - Students should have their folder, notebook, pens/pencils, chromebook, textbooks/handouts, assignment notebook and any completed work.

  • Be Respectful - Students need to treat everyone with respect. Don’t talk while others are talking. Keep your hands to yourself. This includes other students’ property. Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.

  • Be Attentive - Students must listen and pay attention to what is going on in the classroom.

  • Be Responsible - Students are responsible for keeping track of their assignments, due dates and writing their name on homework.

Failure to comply with the above listed expectations will be considered disruptive behavior. Disruptive behavior will be logged by the student.

Consequences for disruptive behavior are as follows:

-1st disruption is a verbal warning.

-Each disruption thereafter will be an entry into their behavior log.

-3rd entry into the behavior log is a lunch conference with the teacher.

-5th entry into the behavior log is a morning conference with the teacher.

-Skipping a student-teacher conference will result in a referral to the office.

Parent notification will be made after each disruption via note home with the student.

Notifications for warnings are not made unless deemed necessary by the teacher.  

Curriculum: On this website you can find links to various pages that describe the curriculum, and standards covered throughout the year.  Please not that the curriculum is subject to change based on the classroom makeup and level of advancement.  Please note that the seventh grade class will participate in Science Fair.  We’ve added an enrichment period for the 7th grade class on Wednesdays during the first semester to assist the science fair process.  Grades 6 and 7 will also participate in the PLTW Design Process module on Fridays.  The 8th grade class will have an additional STEM class during the second semester. 

Grading: The classes have a 60/40 split for assessments.  60% of the overall grade will be determined by the minor assessments: homework, classwork, miniLabs, explore labs, and various minor assignments.  The other 40% of the grade will be determined by the major assessments: tests, quizzes, labs, projects and other larger assessments


  • Due dates for assignments are available at the following website:

  • Students are also responsible for writing/typing their names on assignments.  This includes assignments submitted electronically.  After the first quarter, students will be penalized for not putting their names on assignments.

  • Late assignments are accepted for a partial grade. One day late will be a 10% deduction.  Two days late will be a 15% deduction.  Three days late will be a 20% deduction.  After three days homework will be accepted upon teacher request only.

  • Errors can be corrected for extra credit on assignments with a percentage lower than an A. Please refer to the school website for a copy of the grading scale. Corrections during the last three weeks of the grading period will be accepted by teacher request only.

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