Hello! I am David Martin, a vulnerable, loving, passionate, joyful, grateful man.  I am the role model I want my daughters to see in the world.  I experience unity living, loving, laughing, and inspiring in my communities and around the world.

I believe Humans can Be More, do more, and have more. I believe each of us can live the life our heart desires. Our dream.  

I enjoy helping people Discover the life their heart desires, and earn the time and money they need to Live it. You can count on me to partner with you in this, and with the people you know who want to live a better life.

Ask yourself.  How can David and the people he knows help me, and the people I know?
    • Discover the life my heart desires?
    • Earn the time and money I need to Live it?
I will call David at +1 650 260 4480 to schedule an in person or virtual session to define a life and income plan so that I can choose whether to begin living it.

I do not charge fees for my time.  

I assume nothing.  I am impeccable with my word.  I take nothing personally.  I always do my best.

Namaste.  Thank you.  I love you.

In service to the life your heart desires,

   David Martin

   President, DreamMaker, Human BEing More
   Personal Freedom!