Persona Mail (with Google) Disclaimer

Please note before requesting, access, using, or uploading content to your account, that Google will periodically remind you that this domain is under the control of the administrator of the domain, which is me, the domain owner.

You are encouraged to read and acknowledge this notice, which can be found here.

After reading that, I, as the administrator and domain owner, can very well understand your concerns. Especially with the recent security issues on the internet.
While I'm not here to influence your security decisions on the internet, I just want to clarify my stance on the notice, and power given to me.
  1. There is no systematic way to disable my access to any account.
  2. I have no intention of accessing any account besides my own.
  3. I can change, but not read or otherwise obtain your Persona Mail (with Google) password.
  4. In the event that Persona Mail (with Google) can no longer be maintained, you will receive an notification before the closure and deletion of Persona Mail (with Google). This notification will be sent out no less than 1 calender month prior to the closure of Persona Mail (with Google)
  5. In the rare event that the administrator account becomes compromised, you will be notified ASAP via any means possible. This could include email, IM, SMS, or phone call. You agree not to hold the administrator, or the domain owner responsible. I believe my account is fairly secure though, with 2-step authorization.
In summary, I have no intention of spying on you. If you don't believe me, then don't request an account.