About PersCom Inc.

Personal Computing Incorporated (PersCom Inc.) provides information systems solutions for governmental and non-governmental agencies. 

PersCom Inc. provides services in program design, monitoring, and evaluation, qualitative and quantitative formative assessments, information security, data management and analysis, training and facilitation.

PersCom Inc. has over 45 years of collective experience providing a suite of tools that deliver effective  information systems and support knowledge and learning requirements. We offer alternative strategies and interventions to address your organization's needs. 

PersCom Inc. designs, implements and monitors information systems in complex environments, with specific experience in developing programs and knowledge management for an organization. PersCom Inc. delivers consulting services within the Government, Telecommunication and Information Systems Services.

PersCom Inc. is dedicated to communicating and sharing knowledge that adapts to the needs and interest of an organization.

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Vision 2020: Equality in Sight
Project including the development of an Information Exchange Framework.

Bradley Collections managing the procurement, accounting, and archiving of collections and artifacts.

Independent Research
Developing, piloting and training Cloud Computing: Adaptable African ICT projects

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Expertise in implementing government-led strategies to publish information, exchanging documentation and executing online transactions between government agencies, citizens, and the private sector, distance learning strategies for government agencies, designing e-commerce and communications infrastructure, and formulating transparent e-procurement strategies.
Technology Systems
Expertise in identifying and creating effective information technology systems for developing countries and government agencies, designing and implementing IT projects using public-private partnership techniques, and identifying appropriate computer hardware and software requirements for expanded government online services.
Telecommunications SpecialistsExpertise in structuring privatization transactions in the telecommunications sector, drafting enabling legislation for public-private partnerships, and creating and reforming regulatory frameworks for telecommunications privatization.