Information Communications Technology                                                           


Personal Computing Incorporated (PersCom Inc.) provides Information Communications Technology (ICT) solutions for governmental and non-governmental agencies. PersCom Inc. has collective experience providing a suite of tools that deliver effective information systems and support knowledge sharing objectives. We offer alternative strategies and interventions to streamline information management requirements.

 PersCom Inc. has the ability to conceptualize, design, and implement programs and activities in complex environments and delivers state-of- the- art products, tools, and best practices for information and knowledge exchange.

Organizations communicate with stakeholders are evolving and changing rapidly.  These changes in technology and telecommunications may redefine your organization model and operations.

The PersCom approach....
The Need: Understanding how technology will change the organization's environment.
The Plan: Building strategies to accelerate growth by understanding technology investment, and how to manage it.


PersCom, Inc provides consulting or management services to help organizations create, manage and ICT services.  With over 27 years of experience, working with Department of Defense and a consultant with international governments projects - services include:

  •  ICT project development, funding proposals and project management
  •  ICT and information management strategies, options appraisals and studies
  •  Research, Monitoring and Evaluation projects
  •  Information Management and ICT compliance audits
  •  Information systems procurement, service, and advice
  •  Facilitation, Training and Education on emerging technologies