Teacher Favorites

Delicious  Organize and share your bookmarks, and access them from anywhere.

Discovery Education has Teacher Tools, Webinars, Professional Development, and of course great standards-based videos with accompanying documentation for your lessons.  From their website: “You can now bring the Mythbusters to your middle-school students to excite them about science, take your primary students on an educational ride with the Magic School Bus, have your high school students debate on Stephen Hawking’s latest theories with Into the Universe, and much more without ever leaving the classroom!”

Google Drive  Use your Perry Schools Google account to share and collaborate on documents, calendars, and websites with both staff and students.

Google Hangouts  Ask your teacher friend down the street a quick question, and share files (like lesson plans)

HippoCampus   Online Courses for Math, Social Studies, and Science.  User Guide to help you get started.Kahn Academy  Short teaching videos for Math and Science

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives Algebra, operations, geometry, measurement, data and probability

PhET Free math simulations Equation grapher, vector addition, curve fitting, waves, calculus grapher, pendulum, projectile motion, and more

Quizlet  Create, share, and find interactive online flashcards

Reading Online  Links to free online e-books and audio books.

SAS Curriculum Pathways  Learner-centered tools, lessons, and resources with measurable outcomes in English, history, science, math, and Spanish.  Interactives, webquests, classroom activities, web lessons, projects, and links.  To login,   staff user name: clean7stars   password: use9think.  The system will send you an email and prompt you to create a personal user name. It will also give you a student username to give out to your students.

The Snipping Tool  Clip a picture of anything on your screen and save or copy/paste.  Get only the parts you want, not the whole screen like with a screen shot.