Quizzes/Flash Cards

Braingle Trivia quizzes for social studies, science, sports, music, language arts, technology, and more.

Cool Tools for Schools List of quiz and poll tools, with descriptions

FlashcardExchange World’s largest flashcard library. Create, study, print, or share

Flippity.net Provides teachers and students with Google Spreadsheet templates to create online flashcards as well as certificates, random name pickers and a quiz show.

Gnowledge Create, publish, share, take, and grade tests online. Share tests and answers, add images and text, and privacy controls. Access tutorials, FAQs, and test activity reports which show incorrect responses (and their corresponding correct answers).

Quiz Revolution Create a quiz and embed it in your website or blog. Include video, audio, or images. Multiple choice or open response. Have students register for an account to monitor their results.

Quizlet Create , share, and find flashcards. Turns what are called "study sets" into games and quizzes for study. Connects directly to Google Classroom!

StudyBlue Fill your backpack with flashcards and notes. Mark cards that you get wrong as you study, and study just the “wrong”s. Share your cards on Facebook, email, or Twitter.

Study Stack Find or create flashcards, or study using activities like hangman, matching, and crosswords. Print, play online, or on your iPod.