Online Safety

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Infinite Learning Lab     Learn about cyberbullying and online safety with Professor Garfield

Teacher Vision Internet Guide   Netiquette, Internet Safety, Internet Glossary, Finding Information, ‘What is the Internet?’

Internet Basics
How to Speak Internet   Abbreviations, terms, research, basics, search engines, netiquette, file sharing, safety, and more  from
Learn the Net    Learn about email, social networks, finding information, publishing, and internet safety

Internet Safety and Etiquette
Common Sense Media  Free digital literacy and citizenship curriculum 
Cyberbullying Research Center  Resources for parents, teachers, and teens
Cyberbullying Video at BrainPop
Digital Citizenship

Internet Safety Pledge
Net Smartz Videos
Online Safety
Quiz from NCMEC

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Parental Control Software Review
Internet Filter Software Review
Free Antivirus for Windows
Free Internet Filter
Malware Bytes
Ad Aware