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Research Links

Awesome Library

Bartleby.com  “Classics of literature, nonfiction, and reference free of charge.”  Anthologies, verse, anatomy, cookbooks, almanacs, factbooks, thesauri, quotations, etiquette, Shakespeare, short stories, and more.

Biographies from Sweet Search


CIA World Factbook   “Information on the history, maps, flags, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues of 266 world entities.”

Dictionary.com   Online dictionary with word of the day, games, flashcards, thesaurus, quotes, and english to spanish translator with example sentences and audio pronunciations

Library of Congress

Library Spot

Presidents  All you ever wanted to know about each President, from the Internet Public Library

SIRS Discoverer  Almanac, encyclopedia, full articles, biographies, maps, pictures, photo essays, activities

Stately Knowledge  Facts about each state, from the Internet Public Library

Visual Dictionary Online

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