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dotSUB  View, upload, transcribe, and translate any video into and from any language

WatchKnowLearn   Over 20,000 free educational videos for K-12

Video on Demand (for Perry Township)

Math and Science Videos

All Other Areas

Academic Earth  Free online courses and video lectures from UNC, Yale, Harvard, Columbia, USC and more in all subject areas.

Common Craft Produces videos that explain potentially confusing subjects “in plain English”.  Videos on topics in technology, money, society, and the environment, including  blogs, wikis, social media, personal finance, and political science.

Curriki  Free open-source, peer-reviewed K-12 videos and podcasts

Discovery Education has Teacher Tools, Webinars, Professional Development, and of course great standards-based videos with accompanying documentation for your lessons.  From their website: “You can now bring the Mythbusters to your middle-school students to excite them about science, take your primary students on an educational ride with the Magic School Bus, have your high school students debate on Stephen Hawking’s latest theories with Into the Universe, and much more without ever leaving the classroom!”

English Central  Engaging and current video clips from news shows and movies that show the text as words are spoken.  Users are then prompted to repeat the words shown, and the online software scores how well the student pronounced the text.  Teachers can create an online classroom to monitor student work; videos are labeled with a difficulty level.  The free software, sponsored by Google, takes into account the native accent of the speaker.

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (‘FREE’) History, space, science, art, poetry

Free Documentary TV Browse 1700+ free documentaries on topics in health, history, politics, biography, religion, society, environment, technology, and the arts

HippoCampus Psychology, government, US history, and environmental science

Mapping Africa (5 min)  Audio slideshow from the BBC about how European Maps of African changed from the 1300s to today.

Meet Me at the Corner Virtual Field Trips    Watch short videos from around the world, or submit your own

MIT OpenCourseWare Video lectures for Social Studies

National Geographic Video Animals, environment, habitat, natural disasters, ocean, world music, photography, news, science and space, travel and cultures

National Geographic Kids

NBC Learn Video Library  IDOE has purchased a subscription to the NBC Learn Video Library.  Click the link at left, then choose Register Now at the top right hand corner of the screen.


NOVA Watch entire NOVA programs, divided into chapters

Open Thinking Wiki Videos on technology and media literacy topics including 21st Century Learning, Copyright, The Influence of Media on Society, Social Networks, Cyberbullying, and Documentaries

Planet Nutshell  Short cartoon videos about a topic “in a nutshell.”

Snag Learning Watch over 1600 documentaries for students at the secondary level, each with guided questions.  Give out the URL to absent students to watch at home.  Submit and share lessons and quizzes. “The goal of this site is to highlight documentaries from sources like PBS and National Geographic that make for engaging educational tools.”

Sophia  28,000 tutorials which use a mixture of video, text, audio, and slideshows to teach bite-sized concepts.

Teachers’ Domain Free digital media from public TV. Thousands of free resources and tools. Search by state or Common Core standards.

Teaching Videos  Great collection of educational videos, searchable by subject.

TED Talks Inspiring speakers from the TED conference – devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading – Technology, Entertainment, Design

WatchKnow Free Educational videos for K-12

Webcam Links   PDF listing 70 webcams of different animals and places around the world