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Smart Notebook

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Smart Notebook 14 and Smart Response VE

Smart Amp Resource Page

SmartAMP is a great collaborative space tool to use with the 1:1s.  You can use it by signing in with Google at

Another great tool we also have is Smart Response VE which allows you to have virtual "clickers" on all of your 1:1 devices.  This tool has also been renewed to 2019.

Smart Response VE on YouTube:

* Smart Amp and Smart Response VE work great on Chromebooks.  Smart Response VE does require that you have upgraded to Notebook 14 (Start > All Programs > MS System Center > Configuration Manager > Software Center).  If you have not done so yet, machines will be upgraded to 15 over the summer.  

Getting Started Videos (Smart Notebook) 

Notebook 11 Basics (3:20)Smart Board Status LightObjects in Notebook
Inserting Internet Browser (2:36)Transparent BackgroundPage Sorter
EraserTables in NotebookThe Gallery Tab
RulerMagic PenCreative Pen
ProtractorPen Color and Line StyleSmart Exchange
Properties Tab 

Introduction to Smart Notebook   (Notebook File– Click “Download” to save it to your computer, then click on the file to open and view it.)

New Features in Smart Notebook 11   (Notebook File– Click “Download”)




Adding Interactivity Videos

Lesson Activity ToolkitPage Recorder
Checker ToolObject Animation
Magnifying GlassPull Tabs
Sound Recording and Enhanced Tables
Lesson Activity Toolkit


Written Documentation

SMART Board User GuideCollecting and Sharing Content
Smart Notebook 11 User GuideUsing the Lesson Activity Toolkit
Troubleshooting: The Flashing LightUsing Gallery Collections
SMART Audio System


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