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Social Studies

Featured Links

101 Great Sites for Social Studies Class   Great sites for online books, interviews, oral history, speeches, historical documents, letters, diaries and  biographies, political cartoons, current events, photographs, and social studies topics like government, geography, war, and migration

Sweet Search Social Studies:  Using the Web and Technology in Social Studies Class.   Searching for credible sources, discovering primary resources, best social studies resources on the web, and webguides and collections of resources by topic

Teaching and Learning  from the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media

Asia for Educators  Resources by time period from 4000 BCE to the present. Timelines, central themes and key points, primary sources and DBQs, lesson plans.

Create Videos and Posters:  National Archives Experience Digital Vaults   Select items from the archives and create your own poster, movie, or challenge with clues to connect content.

Digital Geography  Blog on ideas for using technology to teach Geography

Exploring Humanitarian Law   Materials from the Red Cross about the rules governing war and their impact on human life and dignity

The Food Timeline  Great site for student research on the history of food.  Also has lesson plans and Twitter feed.

Historic Maps in K-12 Classrooms   Digital historic maps with lesson plans and resources, by grade level and theme

History Cookbook  “Do you know what the Vikings ate for dinner? What a typical meal of a wealthy family in Roman Britain consisted of, or what food was like in a Victorian Workhouse? Why not drop into history cookbook and find out? This project looks at the food of the past and how this influenced the health of the people living in each time period. You can also try some of the recipes for yourself.”  And check out these Podcasts!

iCivics for Teachers  Curriculum units and lesson plans, webquests, games, and printable materials on real world topics.

Library of Congress Teachers  Ideas for using primary sources, and search for materials by standard (including Common Core)

Our Documents: Tools for Educators   Standards-based lessons and ideas tied to primary resources

Picturing Modern America  Historical Thinking Exercises for Middle and High School

Roadside America  Search for offbeat tourist attractions for student projects.

Teaching with Political Cartoons  Resources from the Library of Congress

Zinn Education Project Activity PDFs  Topics such as Civil Rights, Challenging Bill Clinton, African Imperialism: The Coming of the Pink Cheeks, Hiroshima, Triangle Factory Fire, World War II and McCarthyism, Andrew Jackson and the “Children of the Forest”, Civil War and Class Conflict, and many more.

Social Study Interactives 

American Revolution Center Interactive timeline with photos, artifacts, objects, and manuscripts.

Conflict Map  “In the course of the 20th century, mankind experienced some of the most devastating wars of all times. Where did these wars take place? Have some regions experienced more wars than others?”

Democracies in the World  “Most countries in the world claim they are democratic, but are they?”

DocsTeach  Turn your students into historians with primary-source based activities that develop historical thinking skills. Search or browse ready-to-use activities by historical era, thinking skill, or tool.  Or, alter an existing activity to fit your unique needs. Exchange primary source documents and modify activity instructions. Log in to borrow from an even larger selection from fellow educators. Bookmark activities and share them with students via your DocsTeach classrooms.  Choose from thousands of documents from the National Archives to add to your activities.  Activities include:  making connections, focusing on details, finding a sequence, mapping history, seeing the big picture, weighing the evidence, and interpreting data.

Eduscapes Flash Projects Lists links to social studies interactives by source

Google Photo Tours  3D photo tours of famous world landmarks.

 iCivics   Games and writing assignments on citizenship, voting, the national budget, constitutional law, separation of powers, the Supreme Court, and more.

If It Were My Home  “The lottery of birth is responsible for much of who we are.  If you were not born in the country you were, what would your life be like?”

Interactive Star Spangled Banner Flag from the Smithsonian

JC Schools Interactive Websites

Lizard Point Map Quizzes

MLA Language Map and Data Center The Language Map shows the percentages of speakers of the selected language. Zoom in on a region, add or remove  city names, rivers, zip code borders, or Indian reservations.  Select Prevalent Language Other Than English maps to see the most spoken language in each county.  A bar graph beneath the map provides the actual numbers of speakers by state. The Data Center uses census data to create detailed tables about numbers and ages of speakers of languages in a specific state, county, zip code, or county.

Maps of War Links to the best interactive maps on the web.  Various topics including WWI, WWII, Iraq, Darfur, Israel, terrorism, global migration, crime, history of religion, imperial history of the Middle East, and the march of democracy.

Mr. Nussbaum’s Interactive games for:  History   Geography   US States

National Atlas Map Maker Interactive map layers include roads, streams, counties, farms, crops, livestock, amphibian distribution, federal lands, Indian lands, Congressional districts, Superfund sites, coal fields, earthquakes, magnetic field, mineral operations, topography, crime, economy, energy consumption, population, transportation, water use, and more.

NOVA Interactives

Nuclear Weapons  “Eight countries in the world possess nuclear weapons. Five of them are allowed to, according to the Non-Proliferation Treaty of 1970. Do you know which ones?”

ORBIS:  Travel Ancient Rome  Learn how goods and people moved through the empire.

Owl and Mouse Geography:   Interactive maps and map games

Prisoners of War and the Geneva Conventions  Study the Geneva Convention Document to run a POW camp without violating human rights.

Pulse of the Planet Audio clips, articles, photos, and maps on a variety of topics including Nepal, Crete, Turkey, Cajun Mardi Gras, Cuban Music, Morocco, African Ceremonies, Australian Cloud Forest, Celebrations Around the World, and more.

Real Time Emergency Map of the World Shows disasters and emergencies as they occur around the world.  Details of the event are listed below the map or when you click its icon. Includes fires, epidemics, vehicle accidents, HAZMAT, floods, volcano activity, nuclear events, tsunamis, earthquakes, biological hazards, cosmic impacts, and more.

Renaissance Connection Game that compares the Renaissance to modern times

Scholastic Interactive Activities

Sheppard Geography Games Countries, capitals, regions, continents, and oceans

Smithsonian Virtual Tour  Take a virtual walking tour of the entire Smithsonian National Museum of National History.


US Capitals Quiz Type in your answer and press Enter, or press Enter twice to show the answer.

Virtual Tour of Hawaii  Explore the sites on the islands of Hawaii.

Virtual Tour of the Ancient Mayan Ruins of Tikal in Guatemala   Click a spot on the map, then use your mouse to move around the ruins.

Wolfram Demonstrations Project Interactive diagrams in history, everyday world, social systems, and geography

Worldmapper A collection of world maps where territories are re-sized on each map according to the subject of interest. Analyze more than 700 variables, including high-tech exports, child labor, transport, disaster, disease, violence, wealth, education, religion, language, pollution, and education. Many maps in PDF form for easy printing.