Featured Links

The Biology Corner   For Bio I and II, AP Bio, Physics, and Anatomy.  Interactive quizzes, image galleries, worksheets by topic, video worksheets, disections, science tools, and more.

N Clark’s Awesome Science Teacher Resources  Biology and Chemistry websites, Word Files, PDFs, virtual labs, worksheets, and activities from a retired teacher with 37 years of experience

SAS Curriculum Pathways  Learner-centered tools, virtual labs, lessons, and resources with measurable outcomes.  Interactives, webquests, classroom activities, web lessons, projects, and links.  To login,   staff user name: clean7stars   password: use9think.  The system will send you an email and prompt you to create a personal user name. It will also give you a student username to give out to your students.

BBC Earth YouTube Channel  Playlists with short clips from different nature programming

BioEd Online   Resources for Biology teachers, including lessons, podcasts, slides, presentations, and online courses for credit.

The Biology Corner   For Bio I and II, AP Bio, Physics, and Anatomy.  Interactive quizzes, image galleries, worksheets by topic, video worksheets, disections, science tools, and more.

ChemEd Moodle Courses   A Moodle server for the chemical education community.  Create an account to access or contribute chemistry Moodle courses or resources.

ChemTeacher    Introductory to Advanced Placement level resources. Videos, articles, demonstrations, worksheets, and activities, all searchable by topic and by science standards. The Periodic Table Resource Pack, for example, includes everything teachers and students need to investigate and learn about the periodic table. You must register for free in order to view content.

Curriki: Science

EE Link  Environmental Education resources and lesson plans by topic

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (‘FREE’):  Science

FOSSweb  K-8 inquiry-based science resources and interactives

How to Teach with PhET Simulations  Print or read workshop materials and handouts

Journey North:  Track Spring’s Journey North  A global study of migration and seasonal change.  Standards correlations, instructional activities, reading and writing connections, report student observations.  Information on robins, hummingbirds, butterflies, gray whales, whooping cranes, sunlight and seasons, and tulip test gardens. Teaching Resources

K8 Science

N Clark’s Awesome Science Teacher Resources  Biology and Chemistry websites, Word Files, PDFs, virtual labs, worksheets, and activities from a retired teacher with 37 years of experience

National Science Digital Library Search materials by subject and grade level

NOVA Teachers  Award-winning standards-based documents, interactives, and videos in science and technology

Open Source Physics Project   Downloadable simulations and models, curriculum resource packages, tools, articles, news, and discussions

The Physics Front   Lessons, labs, and activities in conceptual physics, algebra-based physics, AP physics, and K-8 physical sciences, accessable by topic: measurement, motion, forces, momentum, energy, springs, heat and temperature, wave energy, electrostatics, electricity and circuits, magnetism, electromagnetism, optics, particles and interactions, and astronomy.

Problem-Based Learning for AP Physics

Science Resources by the IPL

The Science Spot  Lesson plans, Power Points, worksheets, reference cards, and teaching ideas

Seven Resources for Teaching & Learning About Electricity   Games and interactives including ElectroCity, Squishy Circuits, and The Physics Classroom

Steger Foundation Climate Change Resource Binder  Lessons, curriculum resources, video and image galleries

Synapse   Biology educators network

Top 10 Science Resources of 2011  Tech and Learning post

VIPEr: Inorganic Resources  Resources in many areas, such as coordination chemistry or solid-state chemistry, or share with other in forums on research or teaching.

Writing with Scientists  Lesson from Scholastic;  Click ‘listen’ on the right-hand side to hear from a real “scientist at work”.

Science Interactives for Primary 

Brain Pop Games
Build a Caterpillar
Computer Lab Favorites  Click on Science
Edheads Simple Machines    Interactive activity about simple and compound machines in and around the house
Insect Generator  from Mr. Nussbaum
Insect World  Learn about insects
Life-Size Blue Whale  from the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society.  See what a whale looks like up close!
Mr. Nussbaum Science Games
Sea Otters

Science Interactives for Secondary

ACS: Science for Kids Activities, games, puzzles and articles on a variety of chemistry topics

The Biology Corner   For Bio I and II, AP Bio, Physics, and Anatomy.  Interactive quizzes, image galleries, worksheets by topic, video worksheets, disections, science tools, and more.

Biology in Motion Enzyme characteristics, receptor and signal, intestinal gas, evolution lab, ATP and energy storage, fat digestion, thyroid gland, cardiovascular system, cell division, how the kidneys work

The Brain: A Road Map to the Mind  Click on the “next” button within the graphic of the human brain to advance through interactive slides of the parts and responses of the brain, including exterior and interior views of the brain, and fear, memory, and sensory functions.

Birmingham Grid for Learning

Center School District’s Interactive Websites Labeled for elementary, middle, or high school.

Chemical Education Digital Library Tutorials, 3D models, Mahjong chemistry, biographies, lesson plans,  resourcescollectionscommunities,  online services, and interactive periodic table.

Crickweb K-8; topics include food chains, changing state, material properties, magnets and springs, variation, light and shadows, classification, life cycles, habitats

CSI: The Experience Web Adventures  Teaches about forensics while students work on interactive cases, with information available to help them. Lesson activities for teachers.  Supported by the National Science Foundation. Appropriate for grades 9-12.

Curriki  Hundreds of interactives by grade level and topic, each reviewed and rated.

Discovery Now Ninety-second podcasts featuring highlights in aeronautics, science, history, innovations, research, and inventions from the worldwide aerospace industry.

Edheads Games designed to meet state standards in science, math, and critical thinking.  Compound machines, crash scene investigation, brain, cell phone, transplant, surgery, weather, prosthetics.

Eduscapes Flash Projects Lists links to lots of great science interactives

Elements and the Periodic Table at Sheppard Software

Exploratorium’s The  Science of Cooking  Choose a food on the left, then choose an interactive activity on the right.  Explore the Science behind recipes and cooking. Activities include a microscopic tour of your bread, candy making, pickle making, the molecular art of grilling, and experiencing flavor.

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (‘FREE’) Tour of the cell, brain anatomy, molecular stepping stones, DNA, cancer, genetics, microscope imaging station, geoscience, space, climate change, environments, and more

Game for Science Free virtual world devoted to science and technology.  Explore all kinds of virtual islands depending on your interests: health, aeronautics, genomics, environment, engineering and more. Science games,  facts, photos and videos.  Earn neurons by answering science quizzes. High School level.

Learn.Genetics from the University of Utah. Virtual labs and interactive activities on various topics including DNA extraction, fight or flight response, heredity and traits, PCR, DNA microarray, cloning, synapses, epigenome, build a DNA molecule, cell size and scale, and variation.

Malaria Game from   You are the parasite or mosquito that infects a human with Malaria.

Models 360 A collection of 3-D, interactive chemistry models of organic and inorganic compounds. Manipulate the models with your mouse to examine structure and bonding and demonstrate molecular geometries vibrations, symmetry, and orbitals.

Neo K12 Interactive Diagrams Physical science, Earth and space, human body, life science  “29 interactive learning games of various sorts and degrees of difficulties. Most of them also include a “Read more” about the subject.”

NOVA Interactives Space, engineering, evolution, body, physics, nature, planet earth, environment, forensics

Periodic Table Live Learn about the history, uses, and properties of the elements. View images of the elements, models of their crystal structures, videos of their reactions. Graph numeric data and sort properties in a table.

PhET Free online physics, chemistry, biology, earth science and math simulations

SAS Curriculum Pathways Learner-centered tools, lessons, and resources with measurable outcomes. To login,   staff user name: clean7stars   password:use9think.  The system will send you an email and prompt you to create a personal user name. It will also give you a student username to give out to your students.

Scholastic Interactive Activities Fossils, climate change, adaptations, classification, endangered ecosystems, DNA, weather, research projects, webhunts, and more

Science Magazine Interactives with video clips:  Neandertal Genome, Plant Genome, Macaque Genome, The Sea Urchin, Cancer Treatment Gets Personal, Gut: The Inner Tube of Life  Award winning games based on current scientific research. Some games include teacher notes, standards, and related links.

Smithsonian Virtual Tour  Take a virtual walking tour of the entire Smithsonian National Museum of National History.

Solar System Scope  Interactive solar system, with toggles for views, stars and constellations, planets and moons. The program shows the real location of the planets and stars at the current date and time, or you can go forward or backward in time and see the change in position.

Sooeet  Calculators and converters for acceleration, area, angle, electricity, density, time, finance, frequency, flow rate, light, math, power, pressure, speed, temperature, torque, viscosity, volume, mass, and more.

STEM Livebinder by Michelle Tona  Sites for teachers, games for students, robotics links, Engineering Ed resources, NASA Education, blogs, and news articles.

Strange Matter Exhibit  Perform virtual experiments to “Zoom inside stuff, transform stuff, crush stuff, and improve stuff.”

SunAeon Solar System Simulator  Click on a planet for details about its size, location, orbit, and structure.

Thinkfinity K-12 Interactives on numerous science topics, including foodbourne illness, evolution, energy, habitats, archeology, behavior, and more

Tracker Video Analysis Free video software tool to perform kinematic analysis of experiments captured in short video clips.  Position, velocity, and acceleration tracking, multiple reference frames, and model analysis.  Students can analyze the motion of objects in a video and overlay simple dynamical models on the video to see how well the model matches the real world.  Advanced students can also analyze spectra and interference patterns.  A detailed “help” section is available to users who are newcomers to video analysis software.  This is an open source program, part of the Open Source Physics project.

Tsunami Mapper Visualization creation tool to measure a tsunami’s effect on different areas.   Enter a location, wave height and direction.

Tuberculosis Game from  “Try to repeat Koch’s remarkable successes. Carry out your own experiments using Koch’s methods and discover the bacteria causing tuberculosis.”

Virtual Chemistry Laboratory Students can design and perform many aqueous chemistry experiments safely and quickly. Use activities, laboratories, tutorials, and tests provided by the ChemCollective, or create your own.

Virtual Crime Lab Using their knowledge of basic chemistry concepts, students solve the mystery of a grad student’s unexpected death in the lab. Students can interview suspects, investigate the crime scene for clues, and analyze the evidence from the crime lab.

WeatherSpark Interactive maps and graphs for weather at any location. Shows forcasted weather and history, including temp highs and lows, cloud cover, precipitation, sun, wind, humidity, and more.

Wolfram Demonstrations Project Interactive diagrams in computation, mathematics, systems, science, everyday world, and more.