Here you will find resources for creating unique, standards-based lessons in math. These links are not necessarily ready for students to use, but contain information, links, and content for teachers to add to a page or lesson.  Ready-to-use activities for students can be found under the interactive sections below.

Featured Links:

Martindale’s Calculators Online   A huge collection of links to calculators, applets, spreadsheets, courses, simulations, animations, and videos by topic.  Basic math, numeral system conversion, unit conversion and complex math, including abstract algebra, parametric equations, first year calculus, logarithms, and much more.

Math Goodies:  LessonsWebquests, problem solver, articles, forums, games, calculators

NSDL Math Common Core  National Science Digital Library: resources specific to the Common Core standards  Math WebQuests at varying levels

Concept Development Units   Over 200 instructional units developed by teachers participating in summer institutes  in accordance with NCTM standards.

Curriki:  Focus On Mathematics   Activities, books, interactives, links, files, videos, podcasts, full courses

Education World Lesson Planning Channel: Math

Educator’s Reference Desk Lesson Plans : Mathematics  (Formerly Ask ERIC)

Geometry: The Supplement  by Dan Meyer.  Keynotes, PowerPoints, PDFs, and handouts for weekly Geometry lessons. Each week lists key topics covered.

How to Teach with PhET Simulations  Print or read workshop materials and handouts Math sites

MAA Mathematical Sciences Digital Library Resources  Free online learning materials; classroom tested and peer reviewed. Many items are posted with editorial reviews and a link to a moderated discussion group focused on the materials.

Math Fact Cafe   Flash cards, build your own Fact sheets, pre-made Fact sheets, time and money worksheets

The Math Forum at Drexel University  Problem of the week, Math Library, issues, discussion groups, lesson exchange, and professional development events and programs

Math Tools   Hundreds of online tools, lesson plans, and learning activities for teaching and learning math—currently for grades 2 and 7 and precalculus.

Mathematics Across the Curriculum  An Electronic Bookshelf of materials for teaching math across the curriculum.

Mathwire  Standards-based math activities

Middle School Math Portal  Algebra, number theory, calculus, logic, trig, geometry, statistics, discrete math, probability, and more. Information on Math Education topics including careers, competitions, inclusion, assessment, math anxiety, parent involvement, professional development, inquiry learning, and more.

NCTM Resources  Lessons, problems, teaching tips, grants

One-variable Calculus Resources  from the Math Sciences Digital Library

PUMAS Practical Uses of Math and Science   75 lesson plans that teach science and math in interesting settings and everyday life. Topics include why clouds float, automatic windshield wipers, snowmelt and floods, and the mathematical implications of lying

Scholastic Teacher Resources: Math

Teacher LED  Math interactives for the Smart Board

USA Mathematical Talent Search  A free competition open to middle and high school students. Problems are published on the website four times a year one month before solutions are due.  Carefully written justifications are required for each problem. Problems range in difficulty from being within the reach of most high school students to challenging the best students in the nation.

Web 2.0 Tools For Math Educators

Math Interactives for Primary

100 Grid:  Find the Dog Bones
Home Run Derby
Money Addition
Snakes and Ladders
Soccer World Cup
Speed Math
Time Match Up
 Soft Schools Math

A Plus Math
Arcademic Skillbuilders
Around the World
Ghost Blasters
Java Math Games
Marble Pirate Addition using Manipulatives
Math Magician
Mr. Nussbaum Games
Multiplication flash cards
Speed Math

Clara Fraction’s Ice Cream Shop
Computation Castle Fraction Conversions
EZ Fractions
Fishy Fractions
Fraction Frenzy and other Learning Planet Games
Fractions Workshop

Thinking Blocks  Model and solve word problems for fractions, addition, multiplication, and ratios.
Tony’s Fraction Pizza Shop

ABCya Money Counting
Cash Out Making change game
Change Maker
Correct Change 
Currency Converter Map Click and drag the ’2′ to a new country, for example China. Then click on the ’2′
and it will  show you that 1 US dollar is equal to 6.82 Chinese Renminbi Yuan
Disect a Dollar
Money Addition
Money Counting
Money Flashcards
Money Workshop
Monkey Money Mayhem

Bang on Time
Telling Time Abcya
Time Match Up
What Time Is It? 
Willy the Watch Dog

Other Math Games

Area and Perimeter
Capacity Matching Game  Ounces, cups, pints, quarts, gallons
Decimal Squares  Games for place value and decimals
Education World Math Games
Free Rice Math
GeoMathO  Geometry Bingo
Kakuro Numbers
Math is Categorical
Math Millionaire
Math Playground
Math Popper
Tally Charts and Bar Graphs Movie

Math Interactives for Secondary

Arithmetic Links

Birmingham Grid for Learning Coordinates, formulas for area and volume, data, angles, graph generator, line graph, sequencing, polygons, problem solving, ratio and proportion

Calculation Nation from NCTM Illuminations  Choose Guest Pass to challenge the computer in games involving fractions, triangles, prime numbers, factors, symmetry, angles, and more.

Counting Money Links

COW:  Calculus On the Web Interactive environment for learning, practicing, and experimenting with the ideas of calculus, precalculus, linear algebra, number theory, and abstract algebra.

Create a Graph Choose your graph and XY type; input your data, format your labels and background, and print or save

Curriki Hundreds of interactives by grade level and topic, each reviewed and rated.

Cut the Knot Interactives for arithmetic, algebra, probability, calculus, geometry, combinatorics, visual illusions, fractals, logic, and more.

Desmos  Free online graphing calculator, with related blog of Algebra II ideas

Dynamic Paper “Need a pentagonal pyramid that’s six inches tall? Or a number line that goes from ‑18 to 32 by 5’s? Or a set of pattern blocks where all shapes have one-inch sides? You can create all those things and more with the Dynamic Paper tool. Place the images you want, then export it as a PDF activity sheet for your students or as a JPEG image for use in other applications or on the web.”

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (‘FREE’)

Fraction Links

Graphcalc Online graphing calculator

Interactivate by Algebra, discrete, calculus, geometry, modeling, number and operations, probability, statistics, trig; linear function machine, bar graph sorter, polar coordinates, Caesar cipher, function flyer, and more.

JC Schools Interactive Website List

Johnny’s Math Page Number, fractions, probability, measurement, statistics, geometry. Selected as a Great Web Site for Kids by the American Library Association.  Also has a Middle School Math page

Law of Averages Applet and activities;  click “Open the Applet” to view

Math Open Reference   Interactive tools and animations for math topics Math practice in algebra, trig, statistics, calculus, geometry, everyday math, and basic math. Site also has games, calulators, formulas, and tools

Math Mah Jong Secondary level advanced computation math game

Mrs. Gebauer’s Math Practice Primary

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives Algebra, operations, geometry, measurement, data and probability

Number Lines

Oswego Schools Interactive Math Games Coordinates, arithmetic, fractions, reasoning, time

PhET Free math simulations Equation grapher, vector addition, curve fitting, waves, calculus grapher, pendulum, projectile motion, and more

SAS Curriculum Pathways Learner-centered tools, lessons, and resources with measurable outcomes in English, history, science, math, and Spanish.  Interactives, webquests, classroom activities, web lessons, projects, and links.  To login,   staff user name: clean7stars   password: use9think.  The system will send you an email and prompt you to create a personal user name. It will also give you a student username to give out to your students.

Seeing Math Interactives for Algebra:  Proportion and Scale; Mean Median Mode; Function Analyzer; Linear Transformer; Qualitative Grapher

Sheppard Software Math Games Pre-algebra, mixed operations, time, place value, decimals, fractions, measurement, basic operations, money, early math  Interactive Activities

Soft Schools Math


Stopwatch Timers, countdown clocks, and other Smart Board gadgets

Ten Marks  Math practice activities for Grades 1-8, Geometry, and Algebra, aligned to the Common Core Standards


Thinking Blocks  Model and solve word problems for fractions, addition, multiplication, and ratios.

Utah Education Network Interactives for grades 7-12 in number and operations, algebra, geometry, data and probability, and money

WebMath Calculates an answer to your problem, and shows you how to arrive at that answer

Wolfram Demonstrations Project Interactive diagrams in computation, mathematics, systems, science, everyday world, art, social systems, optical illusions, and more.

Wolfram MathWorld “The web’s most extensive math resource.”